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Race Math Update

Race Math UPDATE

If horses are the face of Photo Finish™ LIVE, and $DERBY is the blood, the math behind the outcome is the heartbeat pumping the system and keeping everything healthy. The

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Beta v3 – Allowances Error + Fix

How it affected horses, and our response Hello again Photo Finish™ LIVE faithful! We’re back again with another technical update addressing a flaw our community discovered during recent beta testing

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Beta v3 ‘Outage’ + Fix

Beta v3 Simulation ‘Outage’ / Mar 26 2023 An update on our findings and the actions we’ve taken.    Dear Players and Community Members, We experienced an issue after the

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$DGEN Token Roadmap

$DGEN – Solana SPL Token The $DGEN token is the lifeblood of The MVP Society, which is the premier social club for sports and gaming degens in web3. So, what

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How To Earn $CROWN

Maybe you have always wanted to own a horse. 
Maybe you love the thrill of competition. 
Maybe you’re an expert handicapper. 
Maybe you love the intricacies of creating a dynasty. 


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Third Time Entertainment, Inc.

Game development studio with many years in AAA, mobile, and Free-to-Play. Crypto enthusiasts. Big fans of Unity – developing with the engine since version 1.0.