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Crown Prep Weekly: Season 6 Recap

Saturday night’s Crown Prep Sprint Series went off with a bang, as the weekend’s 12-race showcase featured some exhilarating down-to-the-wire finishes that certainly lived up to the Photo Finish™ LIVE

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Crown Prep Newsletter 11/21

Saturday night saw twelve grade I stakes races we here at the Third Time Raceway, Dogtrack, Casino and Metaverse Hotel call the Crown Prep Sprint Series. This series of races

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Suites Odyssey: Finale

In an astounding blur, the events of last week’s Odyssey rush through your mind… A date turned deadly in the International Mall of the Universe, an insidious digital slavery ring

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Beta V2 is now LIVE!

Photo Finish™ LIVE Beta V2 is now live!  Those sounds you hear in the distance are racetrack bugle calls blaring across the PFL platform, as the second phase of our

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