Crown Weekly: Studs and Stars


A new Photo Finish™ season is a lot like your favorite amusement park ride — before you’ve even completed a spin, you’re already thinking about how you do it all over again.

Luckily, all community members receive the same Fast Pass, which is good to skip right to the front of the line for unlimited spins around the track.

Unlike Disney, the Photo Finish™ ride gets even better the more you experience it. The first week of Season 9 is proof enough.

Beyond the Game

Last week, Amber Coleman, the proud owner of Blackbird Stables, was kind enough to share her battles with ALS — a neurological disease whose effects include the degeneration of nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain. 

Amber chatted about dealing with the cards she’s been dealt and how Photo Finish™ has played a big role in not only taking her mind off her daily battle but also bringing her joy. 

If you missed the heartwarming story, it’s one you won’t want to miss in the community blog

Product Updates

How do you know Third Time Games truly loves building Photo Finish™? The CEO using Thanksgiving day to work on some housecleaning product updates is a fairly good sign.

  • Credit card purchasing of $DERBY is now available for players with Verified status.
  • The “Season 8 and Beyond” blog has been updated to address issues, including handling the double dip problem by moving the Third Time Championship race to next week Thursday.
  • Due to personal circumstances, the parental inbreeding check remains for three generations; it will be updated for Season 10.
  • The @PhotoFinishBot Twitter account is active again and will soon start reporting sales and race details.
  • Adding your Twitter handle to your Stable page has been enabled.

The great thing about Photo Finish™ content is that, like those Thanksgiving leftovers in your refrigerator, they’re almost better a few days later. That’s because bits and pieces of knowledge about PFL have no expiration date, making catching up on last week’s streams and podcasts a worthwhile venture.

Do you need some treadmill or lunchtime listening this week? We’ve got you covered.

Tis the season, am I right?

Season 9 opened with Foal’s Day and progressed with days of record-breaking marketplace sales.

First, Ted Racing purchased an S+ Filly, Foal of Keep the Faith, from abSOLute Horsepower for a whopping record $24,999.99.  That record stood for a few hours as Solanaut Stables beat that record by a penny.

And finally, Tiger with a Pause topped them all with a $30,000 purchase of Kimberly Clark, an S+ Filly from Pocono Racing.

Crown Staking Enrollment Ends 11/30

Do you want to be part of the ownership crew that collects the millionth dollar in all-time track staking earnings? If so, you’ve got just a few hours left to do so, as the Season 9 staking enrollment period ends on 11/30.

Remember, you can edit your stake until enrollment ends and reduce it anytime.

Lussi Juice Makes $65,000 Breeding

The Lussi Juice is loose!

In just a week, Lussi Juice, a horse out of Pocono Racing, collected 35 breeding fees at 150,000 $DERBY a pop for $65,000. That is incredible, but to think Lussi Juice is just four years old and has its entire breeding life ahead of it is mind-blowing.

Thirty-five people rushing to breed with a single horse in this manner should be the most substantial evidence that the most incredible horses in the game have yet to be conceived.

A new season brought a new racing initiative to the Photo Finish™ world, the Rising Stars Challenge!

Let’s look at some of the horses whose names you’ll likely be seeing shortly.

  • Third Grade Championship (4f/R/D) 🏁
    • 🥇 Whiskey Wildcat
    • 🥈 Meridian
    • 🥉 Sheikh It
  • Dinghy Classic (7f/R/T) ⛵
    • 🥇 Simple Man
    • 🥈 Havoc
    • 🥉 Obafemi Martins
  • New Olympian Cup (11f/L/T) 🏹
    • 🥇 One .21 Gigawatts
    • 🥈 Roach
    • 🥉 Queen Maeve
  • Virgin Julep Derby (10f/R/D) 🌹
    • 🥇 Royal Pastime
    • 🥈 Determined
    • 🥉 Prince of Persia

Looking ahead, there is one definite order of business to remind everyone of — the Third Time Championship has moved to this upcoming Thursday night.

That’s newsy, but even newsier is that the total purse in the FREE to enter the first Major Race of Season 9 will be 400,000 $DERBY. That’s right — $5,000.

Following this Thursday, it’ll be your regularly scheduled Saturday night Major Race programming as the Harbor Classic takes center stage with its own $5,000 purse up for grabs.

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