Standing ‘Ovation’: Photo Finish™ Horse Sells For Record $50,000


Some mile markers in the Photo Finish™ road just hit differently. Those that make you stop and consider that this is really happening.

Then, some days completely take your breath away, such as Monday, when a horse named ‘Ovation’ sold for a record $50,000.

The eye-popping transaction between the buyer, The Commish, at the helm of Solanaut Stables, and the seller, RVA Racing, stopped the game in its tracks and has had players buzzing since the Photo Finish™ sales bot alerted of the sale. 

We recently chatted with both stables involved to discuss the transaction that shook the Web3 gaming world. 

The $50,000 Horse: Meet ‘Ovation’

Before chatting with both parties involved in the deal, let’s get a tale of the tape as to who the record-breaking virtual racehorse is.

‘Ovation’– formerly ‘Foal of Juju’ at birth, before being named- is a one-year-old S+ colt, which means he can breed up to 35 times per season (month) once of age.

He’s a unique horse from a bloodline of Zacatecas (Stud) from Breaking Bad Stables and RVA Racings Good Juju (Mare), both S-graded horses, and the first and only S+ horse that doesn’t come from a 1/1 PFP or the racehorse ‘Prime Time.’ That fact alone makes ‘Ovation’ the First true generic diversity application at the highest levels.

Buyer: The Commish’s Strategic Vision

There are two sides to every record-breaking deal, but only one side is bringing a bag of $DERBY to the table – in this case, four million of them. That central figure in this transaction is The Commish from Solanaut Stables, who tells PFL Ovation was simply too good to pass up.

“This horse is a true underdog. The lineage gave no indication it could produce powerful horses,” Commish shares, adding the purchase is more about a single horse, but generations of horses to come. 

“This new elite blood will allow us to create additional genetic diversity—a foundation of our approach,” 

As you may have guessed from his excitement over Ovation’s future breeding possibilities – Commish says there are few to zero plans to race the prized horse. Instead, it will be sent directly to the breeding barn to produce the next crop of Virtual Kentucky Derby contenders. 

“We have no interest in racing him past his second birthday,” Commish said. “He will hit the barn immediately.”

Retiring the horse after two years is a testament to their long-term vision with expectations that Ovation will become the linchpin of Solanaut’s stable, paving the way for future champions. But it also is another clear sign that Photo Finish™ retirement can be a preferable option and a path even the most significant ticket horses can choose – just like in real-life horse racing. 

For those wondering what the possibilities of making back that $50,000 investment could be, look no further than Pocono Racing, who in a single week-long breeding window for Season 9, collected $65,000 in breeding fees for one horse.

Seller: RVA Racing’s Full Circle Sale

On the opposite side of this high-stakes transaction is RVA Racing, the seller whose journey is a testament to the passion that fuels PFL. 

The saga began with strategic breeding, culminating in creation of a unique and highly sought-after horse formally known as Foal of Good Juju. RVA says the decision to part with this prized possession wasn’t taken lightly.

“I never thought I would sell this horse,” adding the $50,000 offer from Solanaut Stables was an offer he couldn’t refuse for various reasons. 

“I always figured I would value it more than others just due to the available internal usage, but once Commish reached out, things moved rather quickly,” 

Where the virtual breeding happened and what the funds will lead to is a story in itself. 

“I was on my fifth anniversary in Mexico with my wife during the breeding cycle,” RVA shares, adding it took some convincing to get PFL privileges from his significant other during the trip. 

“Before vacation, I had to lay out why it was so important to be on the website.”

Turns out, the time breeding virtual horses at Photo Finish™ will now, incredibly, lead to the support of a different breeding project – the real-life version. 

“The funds will be helping my wife and I expand our family by utilizing invitro fertilization transfusion – a technique that will hopefully help us have a baby.”

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