Third Time Games Business Development Lead Ryan Duguid Brings Photo Finish™ Worldwide

Third Time Games Ryan Duguid (left) spreading the word of Photo Finish™ at a recent gathering.

It’s estimated that there are 600 million horse racing fans worldwide.

While even a juggernaut professional league like the NFL works overtime to capture attention outside the United States, the ‘Sport of Kings’ long ago positioned itself as a global sports language.

That, coupled with the knowledge that the Photo Finish™ LIVE community is stationed worldwide, makes it a no-brainer for Third Time Games to have a strong representative with boots on the ground in as many as possible, chatting with industry leaders about the game’s burgeoning success and exciting 2024 plans. 

That man is Third Time Games Business Development Lead Ryan Duguid, normally based in Bali, Indonesia, but as of late, working the stage wherever industry leaders have congregated to share ideas and open their eyes and ears to what’s next

With a background in trading and traditional sports betting markets, Duguid first honed his skills at MGM/Mirage in Las Vegas before venturing into blockchain sports betting protocols and, earlier this year, connecting with Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings about helping the team. 

Over the past several months, Duguid has worked as Third Time Games Business Development Lead for Asia and the Middle East, playing crucial in coordinating fundraising meetings, building partnerships, establishing regulatory relationships, and promoting the project in various circles.

His presentations have sparked ongoing conversations with impressive and diverse groups, including interested partners, sponsors, and investors, to those who have casually approached him, eager to learn how to play. 

While a busy cog of the global outreach team, Duguid says his involvement with Photo Finish™ goes beyond LinkedIn connections and speaking on stage – he dates back to the project’s mint day.

“I minted several Stylish Studs PFPs,” adding that he’s still heavily involved in the game, particularly within the most PFL-exclusive club. 

“My role in the game currently is that I am closing in on a second Executive Club Membership — a rarity and something I’m proud of.”

Like any good salesman or face of a team, Duguid makes sure one fact is hammered home — he reached out to Third Time Games after a conversation with a player in Asia simply because he not only enjoys the game but is passionate about it. A fact that he says is often joked about while speaking at events and to other leaders who may just be punching a time clock.

“I’ve been told that my passion for the project comes out when I speak about it,”

“This isn’t manufactured for me. It’s an ideal role because I’ve felt positive about the game and team since mint day.”

Duguid says his love of horse racing from an early age first drew him to Photo Finish™, and those memories have stuck with him the rest of his life as he makes new, albeit, virtual horse racing ones.

”My mom and aunt used to take my sister and me to the Del Mar racetrack in California as kids, and I remember getting to pick the horses based on names and jockey colors,” 

“Those are fond memories, and I’ve loved racing ever since,”

In his Business Development role, Duguid has recently spoken in target markets to leaders in various circles in Asia and the Middle East, including, most recently, presentations at the Solana Hacker House in Hong Kong and the Solana Founder’s Trek in Dubai.

During his travels to Dubai and Hong Kong, Duguid says he has witnessed the universal appeal of Photo Finish™ LIVE that has only hardened his belief that Third Time Games is on to something big. 

“The beauty of this game and the sport in general is that it transcends cultural, age, and income demographics,” Duguid notes. 

Duguid says one of his most memorable moments on the trail was conversing with an older gentleman at Happy Valley Racetrack in Hong Kong. The man shared insights into the staggering revenue generated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, emphasizing the immense potential for PFL in the market.

Duguid says his elevator pitch to most reflects the excitement and significance of the game but boils down to the brass tacks and simple nature anyone can understand: 

“Imagine the guys that created Madden and Tiger Woods made a play-to-earn horse racing game,”

“It’s the official game of the biggest horse race in the world – enough said.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Duguid emphasizes the early nature of the game, highlighting its international potential. 

“The international potential of what’s happening with Photo Finish™ truly is special,”

“Some areas of the world are far more open to blockchain gaming than the United States,” Duguid said before calling back sentiment Third Time CEO Ian Cummings wrote in a recent blog that alluded to if you think things are big now, what happens when we tap into big horse racing markets like the UK, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, and others?

“The international potential is enormous,” Duguid says. 

“Think bigger.”

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