Alex Scott Joins Third Time Games as Advisor, Eyeing Middle East Expansion


In an ambitious move to expand its footprint in the Middle East, Third Time Games is proud to announce Alex Scott has joined the company’s advisory board. 

Scott, a Dubai-based leading member of Superteam UAE, brings over 14 years of experience leading teams in traditional finance, big tech, and web3, including launching new businesses at Amazon and Ledger.

Scott’s reputation is renowned throughout the web3 space — particularly in the UAE region — where Third Time Games aims to be aggressive in the coming months.

Upon making the relationship official, we recently chatted with Scott about his thoughts on what Third Time Games is building—most notably, Photo Finish™ LIVE— and his vision for helping it formulate a strategic approach to growth in a rapidly blossoming region.

Welcome, Alex! We’re thrilled to have you on the Third Time Games advisory team. Can you share what drew you to join the advisory board at Third Time Games and what excites you most about this opportunity?

“Thank you! What excites me most about this opportunity is the potential to work with such a talented and visionary team. Ian’s industry expertise and Third Time Games’ innovative approach to gaming and blockchain technology is a potent mix. 

I am eager to contribute to their mission of redefining gaming experiences and to help drive the adoption of their groundbreaking products in the market.”

With your extensive experience leading teams across traditional finance, big tech, and web3, how can you most leverage this background to support Third Time Games’ growth?

“During my time at Ledger, I gained a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent in the web3 space. This includes navigating regulatory landscapes, ensuring security, and creating seamless user experiences in a decentralized environment. 

This knowledge will help Third Time Games overcome the technical and regulatory hurdles of integrating blockchain technology into gaming.

Leading Superteam UAE has provided me with a robust network and an in-depth understanding of regional distribution and market dynamics. The Middle East is a rapidly growing hub for technology and gaming, and my connections here will be instrumental in driving the adoption of Third Time Games’ products. 

By leveraging these relationships, we can open doors to strategic partnerships, investment opportunities, and new user demographics.”

The UAE region is exploding with growth, specifically by embracing live sporting events, technology, and gaming. As someone on the ground and witnessing that first-hand every day, what are your thoughts on why Third Time Games must be at the forefront of that movement?

“The Middle East is rapidly becoming a global hub for technology and innovation, particularly in e-sports and gaming. Being at the forefront of this movement allows Third Time Games to capitalize on the region’s investment in infrastructure, talent, and forward-thinking policies. 

Third Time Games must establish a strong presence here to tap into the vibrant community of gamers, developers, and investors eager to embrace and support cutting-edge technologies. By leading in this space, Third Time Games can set the standard and drive the future of gaming in the region.”

Connecting with VCs is crucial to scaling any business. Can you share your approach to identifying high-potential investors and what you think will appeal most to them about Third Time Games? Do you have existing relationships and contacts in UAE that would be an excellent fit to introduce the Photo Finish™ product?

“My approach to identifying high-potential investors involves looking for those keen on gaming, technology, and blockchain. I focus on investors with a track record of supporting innovative projects and understanding these industries’ long-term potential. 

What will appeal most to them about Third Time Games is the combination of a robust and visionary team and a unique product that addresses a clear market need. The ability to blend entertainment with the potential for real-world value creation through blockchain technology is a compelling proposition. 

I’ve already started sharing these thoughts with regional investors like Cypher Capital, New Tribe Capital, and several angel investors.”

Your relationship with Ryan Duguid, a member of Third Time Games’ Business and Development team and a new member of Superteam UAE, played a role in your decision to join. Can you tell us more about how your collaboration with Ryan influenced your decision and how you plan to work together?

“Ryan and I have shared a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s work in the tech and gaming sectors. Our collaboration at Superteam UAE has been incredibly productive, and we share a common vision for the future of gaming and blockchain technology. His enthusiasm and strategic insights significantly influenced my decision to join Third Time Games. 

Ryan and I have already collaborated on a user onboarding video we shot at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai. We plan to do more videos like that and engage with the local Superteam chapter to onboard our members.”

What are your top priorities as an advisor to Third Time Games? What are you most excited to help the team with?

“For me, the biggest priorities will be fundraising, access to government incentives, and user acquisition through new content. I’m most excited about the content because I think Photo Finish Live is an amazing game that will resonate with many people in this region.”

As Third Time Games looks to expand its presence in the Middle East, Alex Scott’s expertise and connections will undoubtedly be a driving force in achieving their ambitious goals. With a solid foundation and a clear vision, the future of gaming in the region looks promising.”

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