Crown Weekly: Championship Week


The smoke from a festive first week of Season 17 has cleared, but we’re still buzzing from one of the most fun weeks in Photo Finish™ history. We’ve got plenty to review and even more to look forward to.

From hot dogs to hot action to come on the tracks in the coming days, we’ve covered you in this week’s edition of the Crown Weekly.

$1.50 Hot Dog Day Breaks Records

On July 4, Photo Finish™ LIVE debuted a new platform feature – custom purse prizes – that enables any third party to juice Photo Finish™ races with a Solana-based token.

Fittingly, the Independence Day debut of this new feature came in the form of a collaboration with $COST, who kindly donated $1.50 worth of its hot dog token to every horse that entered any race on America’s birthday. 

The result? Fireworks in the form of records for most horses raced in a single day (7,275), and races run (811). 

We’re excited about this new feature and its potential impact on the platform. We’re so excited, in fact, that we’ve already improved the feature even more, enabling third parties to apply for a track partnership directly through the track owners themselves. 

Click here to read more about our July 4 event. 

Shoutout to Poseidon 

A huge thank you and shoutout to the legend Poseidon for putting on a recruitment clinic this past week via an unbelievable offer.

Poseidon reports receiving nearly 30 new stables in the past two weeks alone. He also asked us to share that he’s running a new promotion for new players: a free colt to start racing and a free filly after completing 20 paid races.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Stake Your $CROWN 

Quick reminder – the window to stake your $CROWN for track ownership closes on July 11. If you want a share of $DERBY payouts from owning a piece of a PFL track, you have until then to stake your $CROWN.

Click here to access the track ownership page. 

Content Schedule

It’s remarkable how busy our content and event calendar is, so let’s take a moment to discuss each item happening this week. 

Monday Mayhem

Hosted by Doughboy, Monday Mayhem kicks off the racing week with a slate of juiced-up races that offer a chance to build a $DERBY bankroll. 

Click here to watch Doughboy’s Monday Mayhem stream. 

Trackside Tuesday

Hosted by Troy from High Octaning, Trackside Tuesday is your chance to gauge the talents of every horse in your stable at an affordable price. 

Click here to watch High Octane’s Trackside Tuesday stream.

Tuesday After Dark

Hosted by Doughboy, the Tuesday night version of After Dark brings a deep slate of races featuring the juiciest horse pick pools of the week.

Click here to watch Doughboy’s After Dark stream. 

Making the Grade Wednesdays 

If you’re a big fan of Graded Stakes races, Making the Grade Wednesday is the place to be.

Click here to browse Making the Grade races.

Thursday: Third Time Championship 

With the opening week behind us, it’s back to business as the Season 17 Major Racing slate jumps off this Thursday night with the Third Time Championship.

The slate includes five, eight, and ten-furlong free-entry races, all with big dollars on the line. If you want to compete against the best for the best purse prize, enter qualifier point races this week. 

Click here to access the full Major Race series schedule. 

Finishline Friday

Troy and High Octane Racing return for another stream every Friday afternoon.

Click here to watch High Octane’s Finishline Friday stream.

Friday After Dark 

No week of racing would be complete with Mo Knowz capping things off with a Friday night rendition of After Dark. 

Community manager Fib joins Mo Knowz weekly for the horse pick-focused action. 

Click here to watch all Mo Knowz streams. 

Sunday Showdown

Many horses enter the Sunday Showdown races, but only one continues its career on the Photo Finish™ LIVE racetracks.

If you’re looking for a chance to go for winner-take-all glory with your horse on the line, Sundays are the place to test your risk tolerance.

Click here to watch Urban’s Sunday Showdown stream.

Pick’Em Challenge Series

Beginner’s luck or skill? In horse picks, all that matters is you’re right.

This Saturday, we had an extra-special Pick-Em Contest featuring special guest Matthew DeSantis (@failedtomenace) from @NYRABets, who joined us to handicap Belmont at the Big A.

When it was all said and done, three players out-picked the expert to secure their spots to win free horses!

Congratulations to the winners! Make sure to get involved in the Pick’Em Challenge Series this week, as it returns on Thursday.

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