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Inaugural Season EXTENSION!

Hello again to the lads and lasses of the Photo Finish™ LIVE game and ecosystem!  We’re back with a quick update. The TL;DR Our inaugural season (named Season 2, since

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$CROWN Exploit – Next Steps

Hi all, Unfortunately we were hit by a hacker today. This person found a way to duplicate deposit transactions, spoofing our server into thinking they had deposited over 5M $CROWN

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$CROWN Staking Resource Center

$CROWN staking is now live! Photo Finish™ Live Launch Day brought with it many much-anticipated and talked about features, including the ability to stake in-game $CROWN tokens that may then

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Third Time Entertainment, Inc.

Game development studio with many years in AAA, mobile, and Free-to-Play. Crypto enthusiasts. Big fans of Unity – developing with the engine since version 1.0.