2024 Update: Meet the Photo Finish™ LIVE Third-Party Tools


Third Time Games has made great strides in providing Photo Finish™ LIVE stable owners with continually improved and enhanced data and analytics in their stable dashboard. 

From race results to analytics detailing each horse’s performance across various distances and preferences, your stable page has much to offer to understand better what your horses are best at.

That being said, knowledge is power, and Photo Finish™ is lucky to have a community that has created some of the most potent third-party tools crypto gaming offers.

Below is a 2024 update of the list of most-often used Photo Finish™ third-party tools.

MJInformatics – Horse Power

Click here to visit MJ Informatics

Behind the scenes at MJInformatics.com, longtime stable owner and Web3 content creator MJ has been tirelessly working to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Photo Finish Live.

MJ’s suite of tools covers every aspect of the game, from race selection to breeding, and is designed to maximize enjoyment and profitability. 

The most notable tool, Horse Power, has revolutionized how players view and utilize their horses’ performance data with features like the Podium filter and SimuFoal for advanced breeding simulations.

Looking ahead to 2024, MJ plans to hone these tools further, mainly focusing on breeding metrics to identify top-quality studs.

PhotoFinishEdge – RaceRec

Click here to visit Photo Finish Edge

PhotoFinishEdge.com has quickly become a favorite for stable owners who aspire to dominate the racetracks. “The Edge” has crafted analytical tools that empower players to master racing strategies and breeding techniques. 

The RaceRec tool, in particular, has become a staple for players, offering race predictions and customizable reminders for upcoming races.

The Edge’s commitment to community support and continuous improvement has fostered a loyal following, with plans to introduce even more precise breeding simulations and a comprehensive newbie guide in 2024.

GAP Data – GAP Rankings

Click here to visit Gap Data

GAP Data, co-founded by Gav and Paddy, offers a unique perspective with their GAP Rankings. This system condenses over fifty years of horse racing algorithm expertise into a user-friendly format. 

This virtual coach tool guides users through complex decision-making processes and enhances their competitive edge. 

In response to community feedback, GAP Data has continually expanded its offerings, including new features like detailed Stable History analytics and tools to improve breeding and wagering strategies in the coming year.

PFL DRF – Horse Pick Resources

Click here to visit PFL DRF

Available at pflforms.com, PFL forms are a supplemental horse pick tool. PFL DRF offers a complete array of numbers and stats that deliver critical insights to pick winners.

PFL DRF includes detailed data on each horse’s performance, race conditions, and past head-to-head results, complete with segment split times for precise speed analysis. A recent update added a “Class” column to the race history table, providing valuable context on the competition level, which is crucial for assessing race conditions and horse suitability.

Future enhancements will include drawing tools, additional race replay links, and aggregated stats to refine strategies further, with plans for a premium subscription model offering AI-enhanced analyses and expert wagering recommendations.

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