Crown Weekly: Back on Track


Season 15 is in full swing, and as the dust settles from the Kentucky Derby, Photo Finish™ LIVE is full speed ahead with an assortment of news, development updates, and marketing initiatives aimed at growing the game globally.

We’ve got tons of news to share, so let’s touch on it all in this week’s Crown Weekly.

Twitter Spaces 

On Monday morning, Ryan and Bryce hosted a Twitter Spaces dedicated to Third Time Games’ Business, Development, and Growth division. 

Joined by Third Time Games Growth & Business team member Curt Parker and SE Asia and Middle East Business Development Lead Ryan Duguid, the power hour was heavy on B&D thoughts, and alpha picked up on the road, as the pair have recently been busy traveling and talking to industry experts and potential partners and investors.

If you missed the show, this is one you’ll want of which you’ll want to catch a replay of. 

Click here to listen to the Business, Development, & Growth Spaces. 

Superfecta is BACK

Let’s run the Superfecta back!

By now, you’ve heard that the Photo Finish™ LIVE Superfecta tickets you recently minted did not win the grand prize, but good news—we’re rerunning the contest with a twist, and your tickets are again eligible to win a share of $100,000 worth of $CROWN! 

The Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway returns beginning with the Season 15 Virtual Kentucky Derby on Saturday, June 1. 

But here’s the twist: Rather than a single $100,000 giveaway, we’re re-igniting the giveaway games by awarding $10,000 worth of $CROWN to anyone holding a winning S15 VKD Superfecta ticket. The prize pot will grow progressively each week until $100,000 is awarded. 

This gives you up to ten more chances to win free $CROWN!  

Full details and rules will be released soon on the community blog.

GM Vietnam

GM Vietnam kicks off Vietnam Blockchain Week in Ho Chi Minh June 7-8, and Third Time Games Ryan Yousefi and Ryan Duguid will be in town to chat with fellow Solana builders about ways we can work together to spread Photo Finish™ brand awareness across Vietnam and the greater SE Asia region.

If you’re planning to attend GM Vietnam, which offers free ticket options, let us know! We’ll be handing out giveaways and chatting up attendees at the event.

On Saturday, June 8, our team will end the weekend’s festivities by co-hosting a Solana Night mixer alongside some of our Solana peers, where the plan is to foster relationships with teams in person and, possibly, work together in the days that follow.

Hidden Hunting Derby Reel

If you’re looking to sum up Photo Finish™ LIVE’s experience at Churchill Downs last weekend, look no further than a hype reel community member Hidden Hunting put together.

The video perfectly blends our virtual horse racing world with the physical race and the gathering our community had as the PFJC gathered for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There may not be a better way to sum up what Photo Finish™ is and what it sets out to be for newcomers.

Click here to watch Hidden Hunting’s Derby reel.

Join us every Thursday and Saturday for the PFL Pick’ Em Challenge Series!

Running alongside each PFL season, the Pick’ Em series will feature events from various race tracks and sprinkle in races from Photo Finish™ LIVE every Thursday and Saturday.

Click here for full details on how to enter.

We usually kick off each new Photo Finish™ season by reviewing last season’s racing and horse pick participation and previewing what’s to come.

Excuse our tardiness this season. Those of you who followed along with our experience at the Kentucky Derby last weekend can probably imagine how we’re still catching up on things and recovering from a memorable and moving few days at Churchill Downs.

With that said – it’s never a wrong time for check-in from the schedule maker, Richie!

Click here to read the Season 15 Check-In.

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