New ‘Custom Stimmy’ Feature Begins with $1.50 Hot Dog Day on July 4


Third Time Games is thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative within Photo Finish™ LIVE — custom stimmies!

Track owners can now enhance their races with their own “stimmies” in a fully decentralized manner, harnessing the power and flexibility of the Solana ecosystem.

How does it work?

What is a custom stimmy? Let us explain.

Let’s say you are a majority PFL track owner. You’ve staked over a million $CROWN tokens, and today, you’re earning a large chunk of $DERBY each season and can take over the name and branding of the track. 

That’s great! But what if you want to dominate track ownership, just as others aim to control racing or breeding?

Through custom stimmies, we’re adding more to the ownership portal by implementing a custom “escrow” Solana wallet for each track that can be used exclusively to stimulate racing.

Here’s a simple example of how custom ‘stimmies’ might work.

Say you want to draw some added attention to your track over the weekend by adding $CROWN to Grade I and Claiming races.

To do so, you only have to create a date range and parameters and the token mint address of the stimmies, and the game will take care of the rest!

Need a more complicated third-party example? Let’s say you want to partner with 28 of the most promising Solana meme coin projects, offering them the chance to airdrop them to the diverse and well-known diamond-handed Photo Finish™ community.

In that case, you could use the new in-game portal to add their tokens as extra rewards for every day of racing.  

Of course, this feature is also available for Third Time Games to utilize by sprinkling extra real money rewards across the ecosystem. And this week, we’re doing just that.

For the vast majority of people reading this, the fact that we’ve made it possible for anyone to reward our playerbase should be the biggest news.

$1.50 Hot Dog Day Powered by $COST

The bun stays on!

To help showcase our new custom stimmy feature, we’ve invited our good friends from $COST back to Photo Finish™ to celebrate Independence Day by passing out $1.50 hot dogs on the tracks.

How does $1.50 Hot Dog Day work? It’s simple — every horse that runs in any race on July 4 will receive a stimmy worth $1.50 in $COST in addition to regular platform rewards.

Also, if you enter a race and hot dog men come out of the gates instead of horses, you’ll receive x10 the $COST—$15!

*Note: To receive $COST, you must have a Solana-compatible wallet linked to your account.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to creating a Phantom wallet.

Why Do This?

As we’ve always said, this game will reach its “fully evolved” form when racing becomes as EV+ as humanly possible.

The goal has always been that we operate like real life, so horse pick activity helps fund purses. This is still the goal, but building a proper horse pick ecosystem capable of reaching people worldwide requires a legal/licensed way across multiple jurisdictions — this takes time!

On that note, we’ve ramped up those efforts and are excited to share more about the progress made in the coming weeks. 

For now, the reason to add this feature was simple — we realized that a fantastic opportunity is staring us right in the face—to utilize our strengths as a game and ecosystem in a mutually beneficial way, adding more bonuses to racing while giving up-and-coming tokens/projects the ability to gain real and meaningful exposure. 

This additional functionality lets us stay on track while adding excitement through rewards and incentives.

See you on the tracks!

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