Crown Weekly: Season Finale


Last stop before Season 17 — it’s Derby week!

We’ve got plenty of news and updates to share, including a reminder that one of you will win $10,000 worth of $CROWN this weekend.

Ready to finish Season 16 off with a bang? Let’s touch on the high-level need-to-knows and get you primed for the final week of this season.

Superfecta Week

The Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway returns this Saturday night, and so does the Virtual Kentucky Derby, as both events take center stage as Season 16 draws to a close. 

A quick reminder – all Superfecta tickets have been minted, and all tickets remain eligible to win $10,000 worth of $CROWN each season if they match the Top 4 finish of the Virtual Kentucky Derby. 

Did you miss out on minting a Superfecta ticket? No worries! Plenty can be purchased on the secondary market for pennies on the dollar. 

As of this writing, with an equal chance of being a winner. Come Friday, the field for the big race will be set, leading to some strategy for scoping up specific tickets containing the favorites. 

Click here for full details concerning the return of the Superfecta. 

S16 VKD: Run for the Roses Qualifying NOW OPEN

Speaking of the Virtual Kentucky Derby, qualifier races are now open! 

Do you think one of your racehorses has what it takes to win the biggest race of the season? Prove it on the tracks this week and finish in the Top 20 of the VKD points leaderboard to solidify your spot in the big race. 

Click here to enter VKD qualifier races. 

Your Content Here

It’s one small step for Twitch but one giant step for Photo Finish™ content creators! 

A cool feature is coming for content creators: live streams directly on the home page! 

We know how much hard work our incredible crop of content creators puts into your craft, and we want to ensure as many people as possible see it, particularly the thousands of players who spend tens of thousands of hours on our website each month. 

Look for big things coming from you in the future.

State of Web3 Development

Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings joined fellow builder Jon Radoff for another edition of his State of Web3 Game Development – From the Developer’s Perspective live stream.

If you want additional insight into how the Photo Finish™ development sausage is made, rewind this chat. It should provide some added perspective on the bossman’s thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the Web3 gaming space.

Click here to watch the replay.

Pick’Em Challenge Series

It’s the final week of the Season 16 Pick-Em series!

Play every Thursday and Saturday to win prizes, including free horses. Genuine horse racing handicappers are booked for each event in Season 17.

The Pick’Em Challenge Series is an excellent opportunity to compete against some of the world’s best handicappers!

Head on over to Discord and enter the picks channel to get involved.

Want to join the fun?

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