Crown Weekly: Week 3 Preview


Everyone grab a Gatorade and some orange slices — we’ve reached halftime of Season 16.

With the second half of this season featuring the busiest slate of live racing streams, race series, and giveaways, you’ll need to focus your energy on what matters most. To help you jump back into the action in Week 3, we’ve compiled a batch of things you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your mind as you head back onto the tracks.

Let’s dive into this week’s Crown Weekly.

PFL Spaces Monday’s 

PFL Spaces returned this Monday with another power hour hosted by Bryce and Ryan. 

This week’s community catch-up features updates on previously covered topics, ecosystem discussions, pick-’em contest updates, and some horse giveaways. 

Click here to listen to the replay. 

Superfecta: SOLD OUT

Superfecta tickets are now sold out!

That means that in coming seasons, we’ll skip the mint phase and head directly toward ensuring that all tickets are revealed and the community is reminded that every ticket they own—whether minted or obtained on the secondary market—could be the winner of $10,000 worth of $CROWN.

Make sure you reveal your tickets and tune in to the Season 16 Virtual Kentucky Derby next Saturday night to see if your wallet contains a ticket that matches the exact Top 4 finishing order of the race.

Budget Racing: Tips & Tricks

In case you missed it, last week, we published an article on the community blog that outlines various ways every player—from newcomers to experienced—can cash in on an array of opportunities to build a bankroll on a budget. 

Our goal isn’t just to ensure that every stable owner has plenty of paths to success but that they know when, where, and how it all goes down.

Click here to read the full Budget Racing blog. 

Enter to Win: Pick’ Em Contest

We’re halfway through the Pick-Em season, and we have a fun week coming up with two guest handicappers.

Shotty @shotdone, the host of SHOWdown and PFL player, joins us as our guest handicapper at a track TBD on Thursday.

Matthew Desantis @failedtomenace (Producer of @NYRABets) will be picking against everyone on Saturday the 22nd as we watch the races at Belmont at Aqueduct.

Play along and see if you can beat some real pros. As always, prizes are given daily for winning the day, and weekly prizes include free horses from the Boss Stable.

Seasonal prizes include female horses!

Click here to learn more about the Pick’Em Challenge Series.

Rising Stars & Artemis Cup Return

Week 3 of Season 16 is full of action, including the Rising Stars Challenge, which was recently moved down the schedule to its current slot this Thursday. 

Qualification racing is also now open for the Artemis Cup that will take place this Saturday night. 

Click here to access the Artemis Cup qualifying page.

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