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Crown Weekly: Superfecta

There seems never to be a dull moment in the web3 world, and the same can be said for Photo Finish™ LIVE—but thankfully, for all the right reasons. News and

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Crown Weekly: March Madness

In Photo Finish™, the calm before the storm equates to the first week of the season being set aside for the craziest action—Foal’s Day and a new breeding session. With

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$CROWN Listed on MEXC Exchange

Third Time Games is excited to announce that $CROWN, the utility token utilized within the Photo Finish™ LIVE virtual horse racing ecosystem, will be available on the globally popular MEXC

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Season 13 Preview

Welcome to Season 13, everyone! As with every season, we kick things off with everyone’s favorite horse business holiday, Foal’s Day, when a crop of new virtual horses enters the

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Rallying Support for Raven

The Photo Finish™ family is uniting to support one of our own, Amber, known fondly in our community as SlyRaven or Blackbird Stables, in her courageous battle against ALS. In

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Third Time Entertainment, Inc.

Game development studio with many years in AAA, mobile, and Free-to-Play. Crypto enthusiasts. Big fans of Unity – developing with the engine since version 1.0.