Crown Weekly: Virtual Kentucky Derby Week


Around roundtrip around the Photo Finish™ playground is almost complete, as we are again approaching the final stretch of an eventful season.

Fifteen seasons in the books? Time, indeed, does fly when you’re having fun.

Just as we do each week, let’s drop some need-to-know notes in this Crown Weekly to set the stage for a big upcoming week filled with the return of a giveaway, live content every day, and, of course, the season’s biggest race.

the vision

Progress Report

Before we dive in, here is a quick update from CEO and Founder Ian Cummings about items highest on the docket this week as the team continues to make progress on some of the most significant known needs and issues facing the community:

Below are items currently being worked on by the team:

🐎 A way to more quickly enter races

🐎 Assets moving on-chain

🐎 Private loans for stable managers

🐎 Mobile app

🐎 $CROWN liquidity and market makers

Spaces: Season 15 Wrap-Up 

Bryce and Ryan will co-host another PFL Spaces on X this Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. EST. The duo will preview the week ahead and cover various hot topics suggested by the community. 

Click here to catch the replay of this week’s PFL LIVE X Spaces. 

Superfecta Returns

Let’s run back! 

The Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway returns this weekend with a $10,000 allocation of $CROWN dedicated to anyone holding a ticket featuring the exact order of the top four finishers in this weekend’s Virtual Kentucky Derby. 

Everyone can mint up to three additional tickets beginning on Tuesday, May 28 (exact time TBA).

If no one wins the Season 15 giveaway, we’ll do it again next season, but with $20,000 on the line. Then again, again, and again, until the prizes awarded reach a combined $100,000. 

Click here to mint your tickets!


Eight races with a 2,000 $DERBY horse pick subsidy added? That should get your week off to a good start!

Each Monday, DoughBoy lights a fire under the community asses with a slate of Monday Mayhem races straight off the grill.

Get em’ while they’re hot! Get involved in the Monday Mayhem here.


After Dark takes place twice a week—once on Tuesday night, hosted live on Twitch by DoughBoy, and once on Friday night, live on Kick with Mo Knowz and Fib.

What is After Dark? It’s your chance to grab horse picks by the tail and yank the $DERBY they offer back into your account, all condensed into the two most potent wager-heavy nights of action Photo Finish™ has to provide weekly.

The action kicks off this Tuesday with DoughBoy After Dark. Click here to enter your horse in the action and make a horse pick.


The week’s most brilliant hour of Photo Finish™ LIVE content and its esteemed host MJ returns for another jam-packed episode of ‘Across the Board.’

For those unfamiliar with the show, this is the spot to bring your pens and notebooks as MJ dives into the numbers using several tools and his vast knowledge of Web3 games.

Click here to catch up on all MJ’s content and to view this week’s newest shows.

Wednesday: Making the Grade

Hosted by Taco live on his Twitch Channel, the Making the Grade series features even more races to get a variety of horses out on the track.

Here’s the TL;DR on the brand-new Making the Grade series.

  • Airs every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.
  • Features different racing archetypes each week
  • Includes juvenile and 3yr+ races for every archetype
  • Grades range from B+ to S-
  • “Pick Juice” featured in each race
  • Comprehensive coverage of competitive racing

Click here to follow Taco on Twitch and turn on alerts to join the Making the Grade show this Wednesday evening.


Mo After Dark, hosted by Mo Knowz and Fib, is the weekly horse pick bookend that ensures everyone heads into the weekend with a degen bang.

Click here to enter the Degen After Dark races. Make sure to tune in, as Mo calls them all live alongside Third Time Games community manager Fib.

Season 15 Virtual Kentucky Derby

You never know what storylines might pop up on the racetracks as the competition and competitors improve every season. For the Season 15 finale, we have a doozy to track.

Will history be made this weekend as Charlie Chaplin from Celtic Monke Racing aims to complete an unprecedented Photo Finish™ triple triumph as the horse attempts to win its third major race?

The three-year-old colt has reigned victorious in the Harbor Classic and Artemis Cup, pushing it over the one-million $DERBY all-time earnings mark.

Watch for a chat with Celtic Monke Racing this week as we watch the Road to the Roses play out.

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