The Ultimate Newcomer’s Tour Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE


Welcome to Photo Finish™ LIVE! 

We know that being a newcomer can be intimidating at times, so with that in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate Photo Finish™ LIVE Newcomer Tour Guide as a way to ensure all new players get pointed in the right direction on their journey from noobie-to-podium domination. 

From the content we’ve created, to some of the hard work our finest players have put into helping those new get up to speed, use this blog as the ultimate bookmark of all bookmarks. 

What is Photo Finish™ LIVE? 

Photo Finish™ LIVE is the world’s most realistic virtual horse racing game that features the same rewards and challenges that come with real-life racehorse ownership.

Players can earn real money through racing, racetrack ownership, and playing the ponies, just like in real life! 

Want a deeper dive? Read more about Photo Finish™ and the team behind the game in Part 1 of this Welcome to Photo Finish™ LIVE onboarding series. 

Getting Started: Create Your Stable 

Creating your own Photo Finish™ LIVE stable will take a matter of seconds and is 100% free. 

Sign-up here to begin:

While you’re there, click on the image of the jockey silk at the upper-righthand corner to personalize your stable, including what your jockey will wear as it rides down the track. 

Ready, Set, Race: Enter a Trainer Horse in a FREE race

Good news! Now that you’ve created a stable, you can instantly hit the tracks by entering the free Trainer Horse that’s located within every player’s stable into any of the races under the ‘FREE RACES’ tab. 

Trainer Horses exist solely to run in free-to-play races and aren’t eligible to breed or be sold.

Learn more about Trainer Horses here

Token Talk: What are $CROWN and $DERBY?

Before we venture further, let’s talk more about the two tokens that make up the Photo Finish™ LIVE economy — $DERBY and $CROWN.

$DERBY is your in-game currency used to enter races, breed, purchase horses from the marketplace, and make horse picks. Eighty (80) $DERBY will always equate to $1 within the Photo Finish™ game. That means if you see a race entry fee of 1,600 $DERBY, it’s $20 USD to enter. 

$CROWN, on the other hand, is the utility token of the Photo Finish™ ecosystem, and the gold to $DERBY’s dollar. You’ll also need your own $CROWN to stake shares in racetracks that will deliver revenue-sharing rewards in the form of $DERBY each season. 

Want to learn more about $CROWN? Visit the $CROWN Resource Center to find everything you’ll ever need to know about the token that makes Photo Finish™ so groundbreaking and unique. 

If you’re looking for a solid DYOR place to start, read this Photo Finish™ LIVE Tokenomics Medium blog from community leader David HRC.

Level Up: A Comprehensive Guide to Photo Finish™

Now that you’ve got a taste of what Photo Finish™ looks and sounds like, you’re ready to dive deeper into every aspect of the game, what makes it so special, and more importantly, win REAL MONEY. 

If you read one piece of content (other than this!) before starting your Photo Finish™ journey, make it this Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE Virtual Horse Racing written by one of our finest community members, David HRC

Seriously, why are you still here? Go read that, then come back and thank us later. 

You back? Great! If you’re looking for extra credit, we recommend going through the Photo Finish™ LIVE Learn to Play welcome materials, here

Now, let’s run through some supplemental resources you’ll want to have around to have handy once you’ve progressed from newcomer to certified virtual horse racing specialist. 

Watch and Learn: Videos to Bookmark

Breeding Reading: Match Making

Just as the Photo Finish™ LIVE game itself, the supplemental learning content centered around making stable owners the best they can be will continue to evolve.

Check back for the most updated and useful starter content as it’s created!

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