Welcome to Photo Finish™ LIVE: Onboarding Series Part 1


Welcome to Photo Finish™ LIVE!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve stumbled upon PFL and are interested in learning more.

If that’s you, well, you’ve come to the right place!

Inside Part 1 of our Welcome to PFL onboarding series you’ll find what we hope is an easy-to-understand introduction to both the game and Third Time Entertainment, the people behind the game.

Think of this as us greeting you at the door for our little housewarming party with a mint julep in one hand and an iPad in the other.

Let’s get into it!

Photo Finish™ LIVE: The Elevator Pitch

First things first, let’s answer the most basic question one could possibly ask: What is Photo Finish™ Live?  

Summed up, PFL is the world’s most realistic virtual horse racing ecosystem that features the same rewards and challenges that come with real-life racehorse ownership, all made available to anyone and everyone through verifiable digital ownership.

Those are definitely words, right?

Don’t worry, we’ll explain exactly what it all means. 

Using blockchain technology and NFTs, players of PFL can earn real money through in-game success that comes from owning, racing, breeding, and selling virtual racehorses.  

Oh, and if you’re the type that loves to toss a few bucks on an underdog, PFL has in-game real-money horse race wagering, too.

That’s right — you can play the virtual ponies for actual real money. What a time to be alive, huh? 

Just like in real life, you don’t need to own a PFL horse to place wagers on races happening every few minutes. You can just play the ponies and sweat the results. 

If it happens in the real world of horse racing, it happens in PFL. All virtually, from anywhere in the world. 

There’s so much more that goes into what PFL has to offer, but this is an elevator pitch. You’ll have to keep ridin’ with us all the way up with us to hear the entire story.

Third Time Games: Meet the Team 

Third Time Games is a fully doxxed game development studio spearheaded by a trio of founders that previously held senior positions at world-renowned companies such as Electronic Arts, Zynga, Row Sham Bow, Glu Mobile, and FanDuel.

CEO and Founder Ian Cummings himself created Third Time in 2015 after years of gaming development experience, including in the role of Creative Director of Madden. 

As a collective team, Third Time has helped ship 90+ game titles, including NCAA Football, NASCAR, and Tiger Woods Golf.

All that being said, the crux of it all is this – Third Time Games isn’t just a team thrown together at the opportune time when NFTs emerged. They’ve been together for years building games millions still play to this day.

How good is Third Time at making horse racing games? Good enough for the Kentucky Derby.

Third Time has had a long-running partnership with NBC Sports where every year it simulates a virtual Kentucky Derby on its live broadcast!

Why Play-and-Earn Horse Racing? 

Why should you be interested in a virtual horse racing game if IRL race horsing really isn’t your thing? It’s all in the numbers, and to be candid, in a sport that’s stood the test of time for a reason — it’s damn exciting, and everyone anywhere in the world can quickly and easily understand it. 

If you’re reading this in the United States, you may be surprised to find out horse racing is a global sport enjoyed by nearly 600 million people every year.

By comparison, basketball and American football garner around 400 million fans each year. That’s a helluva lot of interest, but nowhere near the global audience that consumes horse racing each year.

Need more proof a horse racing game might be the move if you’re looking for a play-to-earn game that has an opportunity to go mainstream?

The original free-to-play mobile version of Photo Finish™ Horse Racing and the follow-up Horse Racing Manager — both created by Third Time Games themselves — have to date been downloaded a combined 14 million times.

How to Get Started

Step 1 is easy  – signup at https://beta.photofinish.live to create an account and have a look around. 

Don’t worry about being overwhelmed at first. It won’t take long to realize Photo Finish™ LIVE is a well-oiled machine with silky-smooth UI/UX that welcomes you with a warm embrace, regardless of if you’re new to horse racing or NFTs. 

Throughout this Onboarding series, we’ll be covering the basics of the game, but if you’re interested in a simplified step-by-step tour to get you started right away, one of our incredible community members has created a free How to Get Started at PFL guide here

That’s Part 1 of our welcome wagon! We hope you now have a better idea of what PFL is all about. 

Next up will be Part 2 of our Onboarding series where we go beyond introductions and learn about the most important aspect of the game – the racehorses! 

Want to join the fun?

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