Crown Prep Weekly: Valley Happy Stables Wins The Third Time Derby!


In PFL terms, the calm because the storm is one last weekend of Beta 2 racing before things transition to real money-only Beta 3.

Thanks to our incredible community, the calm wasn’t actually calm at all, and in fact, featured one of the closest 20-horse Third Time Derby races ever, and a Crown Prep Sprint Series slate with lots of new names.

Before we move on to bigger and better things, let’s take one last glimpse at the rear-view mirror and put a neat little bow on last Saturday’s action.

Third Time Derby Champion: Valley Happy Stables | Infiniti Quays

You know what they say – where there’s a will, there’s an Infiniti Quays!

If it seems as of late that a different stable has been winning the Third Time Derby title, that’s because that’s precisely what’s been happening.

For the fourth straight week, a new stable has won the race of all races, yet another testament to our community, and the variety and skill involved in competing at PFL.

Congratulations, Valley Happy!

Crown Prep Sprint Series Scorecard

Another week, and another nearly completely full Crown Prep Sprint Series slate!

Of the 240 available gates in this week’s Crown Prep, only 8 remained vacant when the bells rang — that’s impressive for what was considered a bit of an in-between week before Beta 3 kicks in the door and announces itself to the PFL world.

Thanks again to everyone in the community for showing up and showing out for a weekend of season-ending fun. With Beta 3 on the horizon, you can bet the Crown Prep races are about to get that much more intense.

Race Win Place Show
1 Queen V1ctoria (Ba11thazar Mangers) JJ’s Diamond (Trailblazer Racing) Karuk (Miami Nation RD)
2 Perched Entry (Valley Happy) NSX’s Boom (Valley Happy) Myrtille Vibe (BlueMoonStables)
3 Spartan (Golden Stables) Pay The Piper (YSM Racing Club) Pt0lemy (Ba11thazar Mangers)
4 Genesis Boom (Valley Happy) Vanessa (SOLmate Stables) Rene (SOLmate Stables)
5 Angel of Death (La Playa Farms) Where We Going (Wolaf The Bandito) Dirty Dancer (Big Brain Stables RD)
6 Makybe Fields (Solanaut Stables) Hells Angel (Miami Nation RT) La Pouyade (BigBrainStables RT)
7 Cisco (Golden Stables) Goal Twoaie (YSM Racing Club) Douglas (YSM Racing Club)
8 The White Bentley (Valley Happy) Vegetable Lasagna (La Playa Farms) CaddyShack Boom (Valley Happy)
9 Snowbird (La Playa Farms) Does It Easy (MVT Loyal) Filly McHorse (McHorse)
10 Vitoria Regia (BigBrainStables RT) Ser Cielo (Wimbledon + GvT Turf) McPherson (Miami Nation RT)
11 Gummy Groom (Savage Stables LLC) Queen Street (Ba11thazar Mangers) Laxey (YSM Racing Club)
12 Layme (SOLmate Stables) X3rxes (Ba11thazar Mangers) Mc Pines (Valley Happy)

Breeding Report

Last, but not least, we leave you this week with a reminder that CEO and Founder Ian Cummings recently posted the first ever downloadable PFL Breeding Report in the community news Discord channel.

Go give the document a read and see what you can learn from the hypothetical breeding situations that will better your real procreation moves in the game!

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