The Weekender: Streaming Recaps, Derby Preview, Crown Prep Links, and MVP Mint Date Set


What’s Inside

    • Third Time Thursdays
    • Crown Prep Sprint Series Registration
    • Third Time Derby Leaderboard check-in
    • FUD Guru Wagering Wednesday’s 
    • The MVP Society: Mint 2/28

Third Time Thursdays

This past week, Community Manager Fib and CEO and Founder Ian Cummings ran it back for another episode of Third Time Thursdays.
The dynamic duo was joined by a pair of community guests, including the man, the myth, and the wagering legend, Vic, who absolutely hammered home a 9-1 wager on a horse in the final race of the stream.
If you missed this week’s episode of Third Time Thursday click here to relive the team’s live-stream action on Twitch.

Crown Prep Sprint Series Schedule

The Season 17 Crown Prep Sprint Series is a doozy this Saturday, with race preferences fit for a competition to host the grandest PFL horses of them all.

With Beta 3 just around the corner, it only makes sense that this week’s slate of season-ending races is utilized to the fullest as PFL players are out to take advantage of their last free test drives. 

Below you’ll find this week’s registration guide, complete with links to each race.

Race Number Distance Direction Surface
Race 1 5 Furlongs Right Dirt
Race 2 8 Furlongs Right Turf
Race 3 11 Furlongs Left Dirt
Race 4 4 Furlongs Left Turf
Race 5 7 Furlongs Right Dirt
Race 6 10 Furlongs Right Turf
Race 7 6 Furlongs Left Dirt
Race 8 9 Furlongs Left Turf
Race 9 12 Furlongs Right Dirt
Race 10 5 Furlongs Right Turf
Race 11 8 Furlongs Left Dirt
Race 12 11 Furlongs Left Turf

Third Time Derby Leaderboard 

When PFL is a full-go, the Third Time Derby will be the road toughest traveled, but with the greatest prestige and rewards. 

You know what they say – practice makes perfect, so let’s practice climbing the stairs to the Third Time podium.

Click here to find a full up-to-the-moment glimpse at this week’s Third Time leaderboard and all the past race results. 

We’ll see your beasts on the track this Saturday for one final dry run before the Beta 3 bullets are live! 

FUD Guru: Wagering 101

Even in the midst of a week full of transitioning, our main wagering man, FUD Guru, took to Twitch this past Wednesday to put on a playing the ponies show.

As he does during each Wagering Wednesday stream, FUD pulled up his notes and detailed what he thought about the odds of each horse in the real money races in the 7-8 p.m. hour.

If you missed FUD going deep on how to wager at PFL, run back the tape and give his hourlong stream a watch. 

MVP Mint: Tuesday, February 28 on Magic Eden Launchpad

Save the date – The MVP Society mint date is finally near! 

The MVP Society will be released to the world on the Magic Eden Launchpad this upcoming Tuesday, February 28. The mint price for everyone beyond Phase 1 will be 2.2 SOL.

Don’t miss a chance to obtain the Universal Game Avatar of Third Time Games!

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