Introducing Photo Finish™ LIVE Trainer Horses


Photo Finish™ LIVE Training Horses are here! 

Both newcomers and veterans alike can now enjoy a free play Photo Finish™ gaming experience available to everyone, instantly, the moment you create a stable.  

Training Horses now reside in every player’s stable – whether you’ve just created a new account, or have existing real horses –  and are ready to hit the tracks in any of the contests located within the ‘Free Races’ tab. 

Simply click any one of the Free Races labeled ‘Open For Entry’ and register your Trainer Horse for the race –  that’s it!  

Offered solely for educational and entertainment purposes, Training Horses are a great way to get a taste of the real Photo Finish™ experience before purchasing a real racehorse.

Trainer Horses are only permitted to take part in our free T-Series races, and can not breed, be sold, or retire. They simply live to run and are designed for players to learn how to race their horses and to get a feel for the Photo Finish™ platform. 

T-Series races don’t award $DERBY prizes, but instead, award T-Series points that go towards a leaderboard at the end of each season.

The T-Series leaderboard will track the total number of points accumulated by each player’s Trainer Horses, offering newcomers a great way to track their progress over time.

In the future, look for new and exciting welcome rewards for those that dominate the T-Series leaderboard as a way to help translate their success on the free tracks into earning real money with real Photo Finish™ racehorses. 

Want to join the fun?

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