$DGEN Token Roadmap

$DGEN – Solana SPL Token The $DGEN token is the lifeblood of The MVP Society, which is the premier social club for sports and gaming degens in web3. So, what is $DGEN? It’s a Solana token. It’s been circulating for months. It’s got traders, 1500+ holders already, and market cap! Not a normal shitcoin. Originally […]

Suites Odyssey: Finale

In an astounding blur, the events of last week’s Odyssey rush through your mind… A date turned deadly in the International Mall of the Universe, an insidious digital slavery ring masquerading as an arcade, all out WAR – in the metaverse.  And finally, a hidden revelation… buried deep in the past (of the #announcements channel). […]

Suites Odyssey 10

“…and I’m just thinkin’ like, yeah he’s got NOTHIN’… So, I call, with J4… and you know how it goes from there, baby…” WE ARRIVE at a diversionary moment, in which FEARLESS space captain Fib Newton is on a date at one of the many franchise locations of the International Mall of the Universe, this […]

Suites Odyssey 9

Like a spearshot from the center of the universe thrown with the sure aim of FATE, the Suites Vessel darts at light speed through the vacuous substrate known as outer space. The destination? Penultimate planet number 6. The final leg of the journey is underway. The milky gray of the planet’s surface emerges as Fib […]

Suites Odyssey 8

Slicing swiftly through space! The Suites vessel! Manned by intrepid Captain Fib Newton and bearing the recklessly faithful Suites crew, the expedition across a strange and bountiful solar system continues… Hyperspace slides by like a tapestry in four dimensions as the Suitizens occupy themselves with the many new amusements brought about by the $SUITE token. […]

Suites Odyssey: Captain’s Log

LAST WEEKA pile of NFT garbage assembles itself into a desperate city – the Down Bad Doldrums, a doorway to another planet, a HEROIC J4 call in an all or nothing game of holographic poker…We find ourselves ripping through the endless membrane of spacetime aboard the newly acquired vessel, THE SUITS scrawled haphazardly on the […]

Suites Odyssey 7

A crash landing on a martian planet, an improbable cityscape crawling with derivative JPEGS, a trading floor run by industrious foxes… This week we find ourselves back on Planet Three with our hero – Fib Newton – in his DESPERATE search for a replacement spacecraft.  Will he find a way, impossible as it may seem, […]

Suites Odyssey Special: Token Update

  Drifting slowly through space, Fib Newton, asleep in the captain’s chair of the Suites vessel. A cigarette, still burning, hangs limply from his mouth. The overwhelming peacefulness of space pervades all. Outside the viewport a nearby galaxy sits in a frozen explosion of color. And so this mysterious interlude in our Odyssey comes to […]

Suites Odyssey 6

ALERT ALERT ALERT… GRAVITY FIELD EXCEEDING THRUSTER CAPACITY… ESCAPE VELOCITY LOST… DESCENDING TOWARDS AN UNKNOWN PLANETARY SURFACE AT 11 KM/S… 15 KM/S… 69 KM/S… TERMINAL VELOCITY ACHIEVED… Fib gulps, swallows down pure terror, eyes closed. … below deck Suitizens are peacefully slumbering in a cryogenic simulation, dreaming lifetimes of fortune – victory, whatever else is […]

Suites Odyssey pt. 5

“Is it just me or… is outer space suddenly feeling incredibly… opaque…?” Visibility… 17%… 15%… running surrounding compositional analysis… cosmic dust of nearby origin extending outward in an indeterminate radius… Readings indicate there is energy emanating from the dust with 4th dimensional directionality… WARNING: Psychoactive resonance detected in our vessel! WARNING: Psychoactive resonance detected in […]