Suites Odyssey pt. 4

*CRACKLE* Fib Newton… come in Fib…. It’s time to wake up… *CRYOGENESIS deactivated…. Vitals returning to normal…* “Woah… was that a dream… … or is STAKING actually LIVE?! Computer – have I been stacking it up?” Running assessment…. Stack height increasing *🥞 🥞 🥞*, stacking it up status: confirmed. “Oh my STARS … It’s begun!” […]


A DEVASTATING crypto crash, a RELENTLESS and undeterred quest across the galaxy, NEW HOPE – as our wisdom compounds into a POWERFUL strategy with which we will settle for nothing less than TOTAL CONQUEST. Yes my friends, the Suites Odyssey continues – and the prologue has just ended. New technology of a POWERFUL NATURE has […]


AHEM *queue StarWars scroll* We CONTINUE our journey across the strange time and space fluctuations of the NFT universe, amidst YET ANOTHER turbulent downturn for crypto – and yet… we find ourselves on the CUSP of numerous catalysts aboard The Suites project vessel. Armed with new wisdom from lessons learned throughout the past year we […]


Suitizens, it’s time for a VERY SPECIAL developer update – we are going to begin a new series here which will address MANY questions people have about the project… where we are and where we’ve been followed by the most important aspect, WHERE WE ARE GOING.  Where are we going, friend? What’s HAPPENING?!?! In a […]

Third Time Entertainment Closes $3.5M Seed Round Led By London Venture Partners

We are extremely happy to announce that we have closed our seed funding round! The $3.5M round is led by London Venture Partners, with key participation from Reciprocal Ventures and Coinbase Ventures. Other strategic participants in the round include 6th Man Ventures, Folius Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, and Maven Capital. This investment round was a purchase of equity in Third […]

Closed Beta Test | The Suites

Hey everyone, it’s March 1st and we couldn’t be more excited to have our very first special event which will be an invite-only look at the interior of a “ Club Suite” today via Discord at 4PM ET! We minted this project merely a few weeks ago and brought on our friends at 302 Interactive […]

Team Update + More!

Hello all! We’ve been hard at work on so many things with regards to development of both of our projects. Photo Finish continues to show great progress towards a Q1/Q2 launch, and The Suites (with the help of 302 Interactive) is nearing an important milestone of owners and players being able to enter their suites […]

“The Suites” | Historic Mint!

It’s been a few days since the official minting of “The Suites” on Solana, and things have slowed down a little bit so we felt it was a good time to look back! First off, what are The Suites? This is a ‘metaverse’ style project, but one that is much more targeted at an audience of […]

Not Our First Derby…

We are continually blown away by the organic growth we are seeing every day in both our Twitter and Discord communities. There are new folks that arrive every day here in our exciting little universe, but many of you may not know that we’ve been building authentic, fun, fair, and strategic horse racing games for over 6 years now. […]

Introducing “The Suites”

You are cordially invited to The Suites! Have you ever wanted to meet and hang out with like minded fans of a team, sport, e-sport, or event in a single place? Much has been made recently about “The Metaverse” and what it can someday become (everything? probably nothing?). We aim to stand out from the […]