$DGEN Token Roadmap


$DGEN – Solana SPL Token

The $DGEN token is the lifeblood of The MVP Society, which is the premier social club for sports and gaming degens in web3.

So, what is $DGEN? It’s a Solana token. It’s been circulating for months. It’s got traders, 1500+ holders already, and market cap! Not a normal shitcoin. Originally created and named $SUITE to coincide with the launch of The Suites project, the token has now taken on new life as $DGEN as The Suites and The MVP Society merge to become the #1 project on Solana. 

What is the supply?

The maximum supply of $DGEN is fixed, and will always be 444,444,444.

133,333,333 of that has been in a “mining pool” by holders of The Suites. 177,777,777 of that will be available for MVP’s to mine.

The remaining token supply is dedicated to be given away, utilized in mining / liquidity pools, etc. We will never “sell” $DGEN tokens.

What are the use-cases?

$DGEN has multiple use-cases, but first you as a smart guy reading this can stake your Unrevealed MVP’s are able to earn enough to reveal him. It has utility across the ecosystem already: 

  • Fantasy Sports with Phantasia
  • Famous Fox Raffles
  • Poker
  • Original Games by Third Time

For the Culture

We will be hosting regular auctions for custom 1 of 1 art by Chris Wright (Marvel, Destiny, etc) that can be only bid on with $DGEN.


Why Else Accrue $DGEN

For playing the ponies! Our flagship title, Photo Finish™ LIVE, is building support for decentralized parimutuel pools accepting DGEN and many other SPL tokens. Thus, you can use your $DGEN to pick horses and go for big value prizes.

Lastly – EVERY FUTURE GAME WE RELEASE WILL UTILIZE $DGEN. We make games remember? We’ve released 90+ games in our lifetimes. Time for another 90 more???

Want to join the fun?

Visit the Photo Finish™ LIVE Linktree page to find everything you need to get started. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel to receive all of our news and participate in future giveaways.