Crown Prep Weekly: $Crown Staking, Big Balls Wins Derby, Crown Prep Winners


What’s Inside

  • $CROWN Staking: LIVE this week!
  • Third Time Derby Champ: Big Balls!
  • Crown Prep Winners: Recap all the champions

Let’s dive into what was a busy (and newsy) weekend of Photo Finish™ LIVE!

$CROWN Staking: Live THIS WEEK

What better way to kick off a Crown Prep Weekly than to remind everyone of this past weekend’s biggest news — $CROWN staking goes live THIS WEEK, marking yet another massive tectonics shift in the movement toward a full live launch of Photo Finish™ LIVE.

Want to learn all about what $CROWN is and how to stake it? Check out this post in our community blog.

Third Time Derby Champion: Big Balls 

Many say it takes a lot of guts to compete for a Third Time Derby championship, and the aptly named winner of this weekend’s race has proven just that. 

Congratulations to Solmate Stables and its racehorse Big Balls for taking down this weekend’s big race, and as a result, a massive $275 first-place purse prize. 

Go big, or go home, that’s what we always say.

Crown Prep Derby Winners

Beta 3 momentum is picking up, and so is the real money $DERBY prizes, as over $2,500 was on the line on Saturday night across nine stacked Crown Prep races. 

Below are the big winners from each race. 

Race Surface Distance Winner Purse
R3 Dirt 11 Furlongs Sparrow | Golden Stables 28.00K
R4 Turf 4 Furlongs Schmoopie | Stable Income 14.00K
R5 Dirt 7 Furlongs Mars | La Playa Farms 17.50K
R6 Turf 10 Furlongs Anton Chigurh | abSOLute Horsepower 14.00K
R7 Dirt 6 Furlongs Phyllis Dietrichson | abSOLute Horsepower 31.50K
R8 Turf 9 Furlongs Steffi Style | Wimbledon 17.50K
R9 Dirt 12 Furlongs Zelda | SolMate Stables 24.50K
R10 Turf 6 Furlongs Slow Gary | DeStables 17.50K
R11 Dirt 10 Furlongs G-Spot | Pocono & GvT 17.50K
R12 Turf 8 Furlongs Splus RTS | Solanaut Stables 21.00K


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