Suites Odyssey 9


Like a spearshot from the center of the universe thrown with the sure aim of FATE, the Suites Vessel darts at light speed through the vacuous substrate known as outer space.

The destination? Penultimate planet number 6. The final leg of the journey is underway.

The milky gray of the planet’s surface emerges as Fib cranks the warp speed down to the federation-standard approach velocity when a transmission from the docking site cuts through the hazy, buzzing ambiance of the command deck.

*Vessel 42000069F1B… your ship is not coming up as authenticated. Landing status: denied*

*Landing status: denied*

“Damnit… must be a metaplex update…” Fib mutters, slowly pressing the burning tip of his cigarette into the alloy of the console in front of him.

*Reverse course immediately or risk violation of galactic mandate 9669, as written by God-Emperor Gary Gensler in article 127778-b69, which may result in forfeiture of your vessel through martial action…*

“Ah… so this planet seems to be under the control of the SEC…” Fib grimly muses. “Why are these people so hostile, man.”

Laid out before the Suites Vessel, a landing channel a small fraction of a parsec in length. Lights on either side define the path towards the docking site at the edge of the atmosphere of planet 6. 

The planet, now close, forms an all encompassing backdrop of gray, shifting miasma reflecting with the glitter of surrounding galaxies. 

Fib stares into the surface of planet 6, mesmerized. The perfectly straight channel of lights, along with those parallel to it which extend endlessly in either direction, seem to organize space into something revelatory to him.

“No, this is where Fate leads us… this is where we go.”

The ships thrusters growl as Fib shifts the warp-drive forward. 


…But the transmission cuts off.

“That’s enough” Fib is now smirking, his eyes swirling with the reflection of the planet’s surface.

Ahead – a small fleet of SEC patrol cruisers in a barricade formation. They fire a warning salvo from their laser cannons. Electric red lasers cut brilliant lines visible from every viewport. A few of the shots graze the Suites vessel, carbon fizzling in streaks where they made contact with the hull.

“Steady lads…” Fib mutters to himself, his mind briefly thinking of the many lives he’s responsible for below deck. 

No, this is the only way.

Fib smashes the warp forward to full speed – gambling on the bureaucratic sluggishness of the SEC fleet, dilating time JUST as a full-on assault begins on the Suites vessel. 

In what appears to be slow motion, laser fire congeals collectively at the cannon tips as the SEC fleet responds to a coup-de-grace firing order. 

A wall of slightly uneven laser fire appears, an inescapable lattice of destruction for the Suites vessel, which is now cutting space in half at all-out velocity directly towards it.

“COMPUTER… activate ‘Doorway’ protocol” Fib commands.

Life has many doors, Fib. Which will you choose

That doesn’t sound like our computer… Fib thinks, but there is simply no time to inquire further.

A holographic display appears before him with 3 doors – the wall of lasers now meters away. 

Sweat drips down Fibs nose. What’s happening…

“DOORWAY NUMBER… 3?” He guesses wildly.

Very good. See you on the other side

In many realities this decision came too late, and the Suites vessel collided ridiculously with the laser fire of the SEC fleet, resulting in complete annihilation. Not only did the legacy of The Suites end then and there, it was further shamed on Twitter as one of the most ostentatious rugs of all time – baiting direct confrontation with God-Emperor Gary Gensler and the SEC to get out of having to deliver any sort of actual product. 

However, that was not the case in THIS reality, in which miraculously the Suites vessel seemed (by all of the many layers of SEC records which recount the incident) to simply disappear before making impact with the laser fire. 

…and what truly happened in that fateful moment, we are about to discover.

In a blink, the Suites vessel emerges from a doorway opening directly into the atmosphere of Planet 6 – a new circumstance instantaneously forms. 

But there is simply no hope of slowing down. 

Fib gulps. There is only the gray. Impact…

Impact… ?


Impact, it is a series of jelly layers barely felt, yet each more firm than the last. 

As the ship plunges through each layer towards the core of the planet, these increasingly firm liquid layers slow its trajectory until at last the Suites vessel comes to a gentle, cradled halt in the translucent, silvery navel of planet 6. 

In disbelief, Fib gazes out through the viewport, still sitting in his captain’s chair.

He gets up, despite himself, and walks down through the deck, beyond the cabins and towards the hatch. Everything is quiet, as if insulated by a layer of snow. 

He scans his Phantom wallet at the security station and inputs an atmospheric equilibrium protocol for the interstice where the hatch opens. 

There is something you need to see” says a voice from the security console. 

“You’re not our AI-Console entity, so who are you?” Fib asks, in a dream.

Step outside and meet me” It coos.

Through the breach, Fib stares into the impossible expanse of an alien ocean. An ocean of breathable and imperceptibly light jelly which ripples strangely like liquid glass laced with the ghostly photons of lost starlight. 

Stepping into the depths of planet 6, the interior of Fib’s mind seems to unzip itself – the contents spill out in waves of multicolored animal PFPs, pouring from its walls like overfilled closets, flooding into the empty space of his mind. 

In the exact center, a goddess slowly dances forward as if stepping out of a mandala. Her approach drives all remaining sanity from Fib’s mind. 

The flood scatters as she sways forwards through it, her awfully beautiful dance parting the lurid, animal waves and causing spiritual convulsions as light bursts from Fib’s eyeballs.

I am Vision, I come to you in reflection of that which yearns to BE!

She reaches her giant hand in a pointing motion towards Fib, the tip of her finger appearing to be the size of a planet – yet when it finally makes contact the touch is soft and familiar, directly in the middle of his forehead.

Fib emerges at the surface of the planet in a small ripple, sanity returned (?).

Before him, a mirror in which Vision begins to reflect the tidings of a glorious future…



Suites Odyssey has spent a lot of time on our token, $SUITE, and the OUTSIDE utility we have created for it.

Time to REFLECT, to reflect on the POWER of The Suites themselves, and see if we can’t thread the $SUITE token through those channels for another ENORMOUS future utility we are currently building through OUR PLATFORM.

You see, we have been working in the background developing some major features for The Suites themselves. 

Would you like to know what that looks like?! Then, let us ask YOU a few questions.

Are you aware of our design as a VIP event platform?

From the outset of our development, we have been building The Suites not just as a digital hangout space but as a platform for EXCLUSIVE VIP experiences. Due to our sports-centric leanings, we have often imagined this with athletes in mind. 

Now another question, have you wondered what it would look like when one of these events actually OCCURRED on the Suites website itself?

Currently, the experience of The Suites is fairly closed-door (heh) between units. How would you know if an event was going on, how would you know if anyone was hosting something exciting in their Suite? There is currently no interface besides Discord for this to occur.

Well, that interface is coming. An element to our site which truly CONNECTS users between Suites with VIP events in mind. This marks a pivotal moment for The Suites as a social hub, and not just a series of disconnected digital spaces.

Now, what follows is… what does an EVENT look like in a Suite?

  • Pay to enter in $SUITE
  • A queue/lobby system providing access to the event content (streaming) with chat + emote feedback visible to the event host/guests.
  • The ability to buy event/brand exclusive goodies at digital kiosks (in $SUITE)
  • Event minigames and prizes played with the host for VIPs that gain entry into the event

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

So what would this all look like in practice? Here’s an example.

You land on the Suites website, there is a Partner Events listing for “An Evening with JeBron Lames”. 

You sign up. 

On the day of the event there is a line in which you queue up in your Suite (you’re watching the event stream through your giant in-Suite TV while you wait). 

When your time comes you pay $SUITE to enter. Now you’re hanging out with JeBron, his avatar TOWERING over yours, asking questions and exploring the decked out interior of his branded Suite.

Maybe you ask a good question and the audience showers you in flame emojis. 

Maybe there is a mini-game tournament going on for an EXCLUSIVE JeBron emote for your avatar. 

You check out a kiosk and buy a digital collectible with $SUITE as a valuable souvenir before you head out and let the next group of eager Suitizens inside.

This is the VISION coming to LIFE, and this is what we’re currently putting together BEHIND THE SCENES as not only another absolutely massive utility for our token but for our PLATFORM as a whole. This is also just the beginning…


Talk soon.

Fib Newton, CM

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