Suites Odyssey pt. 5


“Is it just me or… is outer space suddenly feeling incredibly… opaque…?”

Visibility… 17%… 15%… running surrounding compositional analysis… cosmic dust of nearby origin extending outward in an indeterminate radius… Readings indicate there is energy emanating from the dust with 4th dimensional directionality… WARNING: Psychoactive resonance detected in our vessel!

WARNING: Psychoactive resonance detected in our vessel!

WARNING: Psychoactive resonance detected in our ves-


The field begins to extend 100 yards, 10000 yards…. Infinity yards, man.

Fib Newton finds himself standing in the center of it, in the distance the indeterminate roar of an endless crowd carries…

Golden, blue, white purple confetti rain gently from the sky, a sky that is simultaneously the bright blue of noon, the pink streaked violet of evening and the starry expanse of darkness in an unbelievable gradient. 

He exhales…

“I know where I am… it’s… this must be…


Upon this realization, like in a movie or some kind of strange cartoon the entire scene becomes 2 dimensional and football plays scrawl themselves in X’s, O’s, buttonhook arrows across the flat and endless field in seemingly every conceivable iteration.

The markings become players, the players become statistics… they assemble themselves into teams, into leagues – then they shuffle. Whole careers expand in moments then collapse, teams rise and fall – change names and franchise locations, fans engage in heinous barbarics – gleeful insanity – end of season resignation… and then it all happens again in a different order.

Time has become impossible to feel, but through it all a message is conveyed on a deep, spiritual level.

It says: this is the gift of Fantasy Sports… and I want you to have it all.

“These teams… they can be morphed, changed… I’m compelled to… assemble the best team, and somehow dominate my… league?!”


Back in the Suites vessel, with every Suitizen fallen under the hypnotic spell of the dust, a glow begins to slowly emit from the $SUITE tokens which have been STACKED UP in each Suitizen’s wallet.

In a collision of PURE RESONANCE – blinding bright, the unruly visions of the cosmic dust come under the control of EVERY $SUITE STACKER.

“Wow… Fantasy Sports are truly wild…

Computer, what’s the update?”


We’ve reached the second planet, baby!


The first official use case of $SUITE has landed in our laps – a gift from the Gods themselves and a sure sign our path is RIGHTEOUS! We have partnered with the POWERFUL Phantasia to summon the very first official $SUITE utility – Fantasy Sports!

We kick off with The Suites Week 2 Showdown. If you don’t yet have a Phantasia account, you will need to sign up – but don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

The first of many fantasy contests will begin THIS Sunday, September 18th. Just click the button below in addition to filling out the form, and voila!

The prize this time? 5 SOL of JUICE in the pot and a $SUITE token cascade down to the 10th highest performer.

Make sure you fill out the form accurately or you won’t be eligible to receive prizes.


For the uninitiated: you will pay $SUITE to enter, THOUGHTFULLY create a fantasy team out of ALL the players (position by position) from week 2 of the NFL season, and then watch and see the results of those players on your fantasy team as the games play out! The team with the best performing combination of players will win.


Go with the flow.

EVERY SINGLE WEEK during the NFL season we will be holding $SUITE powered Fantasy Football contests on Phantasia for DIFFERENT PRIZES.
Could be that the grand prize is 5 SOL, a Gen 0 Ticket, a Suite… or a big ol pile of $SUITE tokens!
$SUITE powered fantasy sports, what a concept man… and what’s next, MLB? Premier League? LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT WE HAVE PLANNED HERE – it will be massive.

For this is merely one step towards an ILLUSTRIOUS $SUITE POWERED ECONOMY. A single star in a galaxy of utility. The VERY FIRST generalized use case for our token in an ocean of possibilities.

Step by step, our path is laid out before us. The GRAND DESIGN is revealing itself – our legacy is being written here and NOW.

Non-believers will have no choice but to comply with the PROGRAMMED success of our endeavors while the Suites faithful are already beginning to see their conviction rewarded – the VISION coming into view and the momentum gathering.

We simply cannot be stopped.

Fib Newton, CM

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