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What are the differences between race types?

Races in Photo Finish™ LIVE Live can be one of several different types. A race’s type determines how competitive it will be as well as whether any special rules will be in effect; the Race Grades are:

  • Claiming
  • Maiden
  • Allowance
  • Ungraded Stakes
  • Grade III (Stakes)
  • Grade II (Stakes)
  • Grade I (Stakes)

This list is in order of competition level. More competitive races often have more entrants and bigger purses. Some race types also have special rules.



A Claiming Race is a special race where the horses running may be purchased before the race begins. These are the lowest tier of race as they are meant for horses the owners do not feel confident in. All horses in a Claiming Race are purchasable for an amount listed before the race. If a horse is purchased in a claiming race, the OLD Owner receives any prizes won during that race. Occasionally, other Race Types can be Claiming Races. If they are, they will be marked.


A Maiden Race is a special race that only accepts horses that have never won a race before. It is often the first step toward discovering the next big champion.

Juvenile Races

Juvenile races are not considered a special race type. However, if you see this term around, it refers to special races that are exclusively available to 2-year-old horses. These races are particularly cheap and exist to help owners test and appraise young colts and fillies before the big racing season at age 3.

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