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How do race payouts work?

Every race in Photo Finish™ LIVE has an Entry Fee and a Race Purse to divide among the winners. The purse and the payout is based on the number of players that enter.

Before a race starts, the maximum purse is displayed. After the race begins, the actual purse is calculated based on the number of entrants. If there are fewer entrants than expected, the full purse may be smaller than the initial listing.



The race payout structure is as follows:

  1. 1.60% of the Purse
  2. 2.~60% of the Remainder
  3. 3.~30%o f the Remainder
  4. 4.~10% of the Remainder
  5. 5.1% of the Purse

For the above, the Remainder is 40% of the purse, – 1% for each entrant after the fourth.

Not all race distributions are identical to the above. Some purses are split more or less evenly depending on the competition level. You can check the distribution of any purse by clicking this info button on the race page.

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