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Racing FAQs

Almost every player who comes to Photo Finish™ LIVE is going to start their career by racing. Not only is owning and running a race horse the easiest way to start learning, it’s also the most exciting. Whether you race, pick, breed, or just enjoy spectating, nothing gets your blood pumping like a photo finish!

However, don’t think you need to put up your life savings every time you head for the track. Races are broken into a wide variety of types, many of which have unique features that favor certain owners or levels of competition. Success in Photo Finish™ LIVE is as much a functioning of knowing When and Where to race as it is having a good horse.

Here, in the Racing section of the Learn to Play area, you can learn about:

  1. Race Types
  2. Races with Special Rules
  3. How to Pick a Race
  4. Race Payouts
  5. Morning Line Odds

Every horse has a type or tier of race they ought to run in. If you’re ready to win, it’s time to find yours.


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