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What are Morning Line odds?

When you go to view / enter / wager on a race, you’re not the only person at the track. In addition to players, the track has an Odds Maker who attempts to put odds on each horse entering the contest.

The Odds Maker is pretty smart, but they aren’t perfect. They can only see what you do, so they judge horses based on the grade, attributes, and preferences listed. They also check the horse’s race history to get a sense of how well they’ve run before. The more races a horse has run, the more accurate their odds are.

However, the Odds Makers isn’t exactly trying to predict the winner of the race. Morning Line Odds are a prediction of how the Odds Maker expects people to bet. If a horse has won recently, won at this distance, or is a fan favorite, the Odds Maker might favor it. Keep that in mind if you’re eyeing the odds for your own bet.

How to Read the Odds

Reading odds is pretty simple. Every horse has a value with a number on the left and a separate number on the right “6/1.” The number on the left can be thought of as the odds Against the horse. The number on the right can be thought of as the odds For the horse. “6/1” can be read as “6 to 1,” and means that over 7 races, the Odds Maker thinks the horse would lose 6 times and win 1 time.

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