$10,000 Degen Derby Recap: Relive All The Excitement

The hangover is real, but the party was well worth the recovery –  days later, everyone is still absolutely beaming in the aftermath of an epic first running of the Degen Derby! On Friday night, two hours of undercard fun culminated with an extraordinarily entertaining $10,000 Degen Derby won by Dirty Dog Water, the racehorse […]

Crown Prep Newsletter 11/21

Saturday night saw twelve grade I stakes races we here at the Third Time Raceway, Dogtrack, Casino and Metaverse Hotel call the Crown Prep Sprint Series. This series of races attracts the top stables in Photo Finish LIVE, they are a chance to see what races look like at the tippy top of the hierarchy […]

Beta V2 is now LIVE!

Photo Finish™ LIVE Beta V2 is now live!  Those sounds you hear in the distance are racetrack bugle calls blaring across the PFL platform, as the second phase of our Beta testing has begun.  Players are now welcome to poke around to get a feel for all the new features Beta V2 has to offer. […]