At Long Last, Staking Rewards Are Back!  

CROWN Staking Returns

Welcome back, friends, noblemen, countrymen. The TL;DR: Starting September 12 at 10AM ET, your staked Photo Finish PFP’s begin earning the $CROWN tokens. Below is a quick FAQ – we suggest reading thoroughly! Q: What Are Staking Rewards? If you haven’t been around from the start (it’s ok, we forgive you), a core part of […]

Protect Your Photo Finish™ LIVE Account!

protect your account

Hello there Photo Finish faithful! We wanted to reach out with some Good News and some Bad News. The Good News Your horses, CROWN, and DERBY are valuable! The Bad News Hackers are trying to steal them from you! There have been multiple players in the past week that have gotten their login / password […]

What Are Racing Subsidies?

Race Purse Subsidies

S6: THE JUICE Greetings, we are coming to you a few days before the rollover between Seasons 5 and 6 with some exciting information to round out our recent racing schedule updates. This one is all about the JUICE. But what is juice? What do we mean by the JUICE?! First, let us give you […]

Season 6: The Game Has Only Just Begun

The game is just beginning

Hello again faithful players and fans! We write to you on the eve of yet another grand step in the ecosystem of Photo Finish™ LIVE. A date rapidly approaches – August 28, 2023 – where the first crop of foals ever “born” in the game reach racing age and begin to find their way onto […]

Farewell Season 4, Long Live Season 5

Welcome all, Photo Finish Faithful! As we gaze wistfully into our screens, looking back on yet another record-breaking season in the books in Photo Finish™ LIVE, I am reminded of the famous Olde English poem, by Art Vandelay: In Photo Finish yclept, tales abound, Richie joined, his horses, renown found. ‘Gainst Fib Newton, claiming races […]

Season 3 Breeding Report

Welcome to the Season 3 Breeding Report, a high-level overview of the first-ever Photo Finish™ LIVE breeding season.  Future breeding windows will always bring excitement, but there will forever be something inherently special about the first-ever opportunity players had to bring new foals into the game. Ahead of preparations being made for Season 4’s breeding […]

Breeding Philosophy & Techniques (Guest Post by ‘The Commish’)

GUEST POST BY “THE COMMISH” – THE CONTENTS WITHIN ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO REFLECT THE OPINION OF THE THIRD TIME STAFF  Philosophy, an intellectual pursuit appreciated by the Commish, is extraordinarily relevant to this conversation. It requires critical thinking, logical reasoning, the evaluation of complex ideas and, ultimately, problem solving techniques. “The only true wisdom […]

The First Running of the Photo Finish™ LIVE Virtual Kentucky Derby to Take Place July 1

Third Time Games is thrilled to announce the Inaugural Photo Finish™ LIVE Virtual Kentucky Derby will take place on Saturday, July 1st!  The first-ever Photo Finish™ LIVE Virtual Kentucky Derby marks the beginning of a groundbreaking multi-year partnership between Third Time Games and Churchill Downs that aims to merge the rich history of the Kentucky […]