The Road to the Third Time Classic Begins NOW

The Road to the Third Time Classic begins NOW!  The first of four scheduled Season 3 major racing series events, The Road to the Third Time Classic encompasses the week of June 5 to June 11. With many qualifier races already filling up, let’s get everyone up to speed and on the same page as […]

The Weekender: Third Party Tools, Content Creators, Third Time Team Grows

What’s Inside NEW LIR Syndicate Tools ‘Across the Board’ with MJ Gaming Third Time Thursdays with Mo Third Time Team Expands Season 3 Schedule LIR Syndicate Tools New community tools just dropped! LIR Syndicate and his team recently gave the Photo Finish™ community a sneak peek at some super-interesting PFL tools they’ve been working on, […]

History is Made – Season 2 Summary

Hello dear readers. I write this swelling with pride to convey that the inaugural season of Photo Finish™ LIVE is complete, and Season 3 has now arrived. Just another day in the Photo Finish universe this is not! Nearly 2 years of work on this platform, and another 6 on the sport of virtual horse […]

The Weekender: Season 2 Extended, $CROWN News, and Mo Knowz Third Time Thursday

What’s Inside Season 2 Extended: May 29 new end date $CROWN Whitepaper $CROWN: Now listed on CoinGecko PressRow Pod: CEO and Founder Ian Cummings shares his professional journey WWYD: 11 Photo Finish™ players provide their #1 tips Third Time Thursday: Mo Knowz vs. Mo Does Not Know Season Extended The inaugural Photo Finish™ LIVE season […]

Third Time CEO and Founder Ian Cummings Appears on the Press Row Podcast

Third Time CEO and Founder Ian Cummings joined the Press Row Podcast and host Rich Grisham for a wide-ranging interview that included trading industry war stories, his journey from Creative Director at EA Sports to the founder of Third Time Games, experiences gathered from building in Web3, and, of course, Third Time’s partnership with Churchill Downs as well as Photo Finish™ LIVE becoming the Official Game of the Kentucky Derby.

The Weekender: Recapping Photo Finish™ LIVE’s Experience at Churchill Downs

What’s Inside YSM Twitter Spaces: Inside Churchill Downs with CEO and Founder Ian Cummings. Derby Diary: In-Depth look back at Churchill Downs straight from the team. Mo Knowz TTT: Third Time Thursday with Community Manager Fib and friends Third Time in the News: Churchill looks to Photo Finish™ to help draw the next generation of […]

Making History @ Churchill Downs

Hello, Photo Finish faithful! Ian Cummings here, Founder / CEO of Third Time Entertainment. Just now slowly recovering from easily the most stressful and busy few weeks of my entire life, so I thought it prudent to stop and reflect on some of the recent happenings and share a little of the behind the scenes […]