MJ Gaming: Rising Star of Web3 Content Creation Chats Covering Photo Finish™

Breaking through as a successful content creator is a tall task in itself. But gaining traction as a Web3 content creator can at times feel like performing at Coachella a week before the festival actually takes place.  We’re early. For many, too early. But for those that enjoy the journey and the time and effort […]

Web3 Leader Giancarlo Rios Joins Third Time Games as Chief Marketing Officer

With a diverse background in marketing and a deep understanding of the Web3/crypto space, new Third Time CMO Giancarlo Rios shares his insights on the potential of digital ownership, the future of gaming, and his excitement in joining the Third Time Games family. A well-respected voice in the Web3 community, new Third Time Games CMO […]

Industry Veteran Richie Choi Joins Third Time Games Product Development Team

New Third Time Games Product Director Richie Choi shares his passion for game development, his background, and his vision for optimizing Photo Finish™ race schedules. Incoming Third Time Games Product Director Richie Choi’s passion for the gaming industry and the rapid development of emerging Web3 technologies is palpable. In just a brief conversation with Choi, […]

Breeding Primer: Season 3 Breeding Opens June 26

Hearken, thyself, for the season of Photo Finish™ LIVE procreation, draweth nigh!  For those of you unfamiliar, that loosely translates in Photo Finish™ speak to – prepare yourselves, it’s almost time to breed some virtual horses!  When Photo Finish™ LIVE exited BETA in late April for a newfound fully launched world, we all collectively circled […]

Third Time Games CEO & Founder Ian Cummings Joins MJ Gaming’s ‘Across the Board’

On Tuesday, June 6, Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings joined MJ Gaming’s weekly Photo Finish™ LIVE show ‘Across the Board,’ for an expansive two-hour chat. In the fourth episode of the PFL-driven series, MJ and Ian covered a variety of topics and delved deep into the community’s questions regarding everything from the […]

The Road to the Third Time Classic Begins NOW

The Road to the Third Time Classic begins NOW!  The first of four scheduled Season 3 major racing series events, The Road to the Third Time Classic encompasses the week of June 5 to June 11. With many qualifier races already filling up, let’s get everyone up to speed and on the same page as […]

The Weekender: Third Party Tools, Content Creators, Third Time Team Grows

What’s Inside NEW LIR Syndicate Tools ‘Across the Board’ with MJ Gaming Third Time Thursdays with Mo Third Time Team Expands Season 3 Schedule LIR Syndicate Tools New community tools just dropped! LIR Syndicate and his team recently gave the Photo Finish™ community a sneak peek at some super-interesting PFL tools they’ve been working on, […]

History is Made – Season 2 Summary

Hello dear readers. I write this swelling with pride to convey that the inaugural season of Photo Finish™ LIVE is complete, and Season 3 has now arrived. Just another day in the Photo Finish universe this is not! Nearly 2 years of work on this platform, and another 6 on the sport of virtual horse […]