Web3 Leader Giancarlo Rios Joins Third Time Games as Chief Marketing Officer


With a diverse background in marketing and a deep understanding of the Web3/crypto space, new Third Time CMO Giancarlo Rios shares his insights on the potential of digital ownership, the future of gaming, and his excitement in joining the Third Time Games family.

A well-respected voice in the Web3 community, new Third Time Games CMO Giancarlo Rios brings a perfect blend of experience in traditional marketing and a deep passion for Web3 technologies to a gaming studio ready to turn up the volume of its marketing game.  

Having worked for nearly a decade with renowned brands such as Experian, Universal, Robinhood, and Honey, Giancarlo now sets his sights on installing within Third Time Games a well-oiled marketing machine that helps Photo Finish™ LIVE and The MVP Society reach new heights in the second half of 2023 and beyond.

According to Giancarlo, years honing his marketing skills in a traditional market and working tirelessly to transition and build relationships with notable NFT projects and founders has proven as a career-changer. 

“Over my career, I’ve been able to establish partnerships with companies like Arculus, Gala Games, and Ledger,” Giancarlo said. 

“In large part that’s because I’ve always prided myself in learning and understanding new market dynamics, including the emergence of Web3.

“Influential and emerging marketing strategies have and will always be my focus.”

Giancarlo credits his constant efforts to always adapt and go outside of his comfort zone as to what has led him to the new career place he’s arrived — a leader  in the NFT space, and, now, the new CMO at Third Time Games. 

Welcome to Web3

If you know, you know.

One way or another, many have had that Web3 light switch flipped on by a certain project or revelation. 

Reflecting on his own “ah-ha” moment that led to his passionate interest in NFTs and the Web3 marketing space, Giancarlo vividly recalls the moment so many point back to as when they realized something special was on the horizon – the NBA Topshot craze of early 2021. 

Although involved in crypto for years prior, as a millennial who witnessed the growth of technology and social media, Giancarlo says that he immediately recognized the potential of true, verifiable digital ownership and the impact it could have in a digital world.

He says that the realization propelled him to embrace the Web3/crypto space, likening it to his generation’s “.com boom/revolution,” a time when many doubted the necessity of change that was right in front of their faces, but now consider commonplace technology. (See: Bill Gates explaining the internet to a perplexed David Letterman in the mid-90s)

The Future of Gaming

A longtime gamer himself, Giancarlo explains his bullish stance on Web3 gaming and its use of digital ownership that transfers the power to the players is purely based on the belief that Web3 gaming will eventually simply become synonymous with gaming itself. 

“With NFTs and blockchain, in-game economies having actual monetary value are now possible,” Giancarlo explains

“Growing up playing MMORPGs, I used to dream of those in-game economies having actual monetary value,” 

“With NFTs and blockchain technology, this is possible now.” 

In the future, Giancarlo envisions indie design teams leveraging blockchain technology to create groundbreaking games that capture the market’s attention, much in the fashion Third Time Games has in building Photo Finish™ LIVE.

Third Time Takeover

With a passion for NFTs and Web3, Giancarlo says the allure of joining Third Time Games, a team full of industry veterans who understand the potential of the market, was undeniable.

As he attacks a marketing plan, he says he sees Photo Finish™ and The MVP Society as the Web3 counterparts of major players in the sports and gaming sectors. 

“I could see Photo Finish and MVPs going toe-to-toe with companies like DraftKings, who have just launched their new Web3 activations,” Giancarlo said. 

“Gaming and sports make up some of the biggest sectors of our consumer economy.”


Social Engagement

While he modestly rejects the “content creator” label when asked about his personal high profile as a well-followed Twitter Spaces host and Web3 thought leader, Giancarlo says his immediate focus as new Third Time CMO will be to bring industry insights and engages in discussions with like-minded individuals on the platforms they frequent the most. 

“I definitely plan to focus on helping Third Time utilize the same outlets I’ve successfully used to help grow their social presence and to better connect with other major founders for potential cross-pollination of prominent communities.”

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