Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Photo Finish™: Veteran Players Provide Tips For Newcomers


Embarking on a journey in the world of Photo Finish™ LIVE can be both exciting and challenging. To help newcomers avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions, we’ve compiled valuable advice from experienced players, specifically their answers to the question What is one thing you wish you knew the day you joined Photo Finish™?

This article is dedicated to providing new players with a resource that will make getting started building their stable that much easier. 

Any Horse Can Win with the Right Conditions

The Commish #0548 (Solanaut Stables)

In the competitive game of Photo Finish™, it’s essential to understand that any horse has the potential to win under the proper conditions. It’s also half of the fun discovering said ideal conditions, implementing strategies that capitalize on them, and watching pay off. 

According to The Commish, a seasoned veteran of Photo Finish™ LIVE, that simple circle of life within the game is what makes it so intriguing, and ultimately, the most fun.

“If I could go back in time, I would confirm to my younger self that it is true — almost any horse can win a race in the proper conditions,” Commish says.

“Seeing that dynamic play out at Photo Finish™ has been refreshing because it’s clear the path is set for anyone to make a name for themselves as fast their ego desires.”

“This is a competitive game and those who love strategy — basically, a sports variation of chess — will love the game and perform really well.”

Strategic Breeding and Stud Selection

Peeb#0176 (YSM Stables) SoCal Stables#7479 (SoCal Stables)

We asked both SoCal Stables and YSM Stables what they wish they knew from Day Dot at PFL, and both shot back with the same general answer – BUY FILLIES! 

The valuable insights into the breeding aspect of the game can’t be overstated, and according to both players, is key to not only getting started in the game but building a long-term dynasty.

“Buy fillies, as many fillies as you can, and breed out your bloodlines for years to come,” YSM Stables says. 

“Then keep some budget aside to pick your studs from the stud barn.”

Similarly, SoCal says go Filly first, then worry about the rest later. 

“My advice would be to not worry about purchasing a filly and a colt so that they have a  breeding pair in-house,” SoCal says.

“ I would purchase the highest boost filly I could afford and then purchase external covers from the stud barn.”

Streamlined Planning and Identifying Your Niche: 

GVG#9422 (GVG Genetics) 

A 2023 newcomer to the game, GVG Genetics made splashes on the sales bot page upon arrival, instantly planting his flag in the PFL sand. 

According to GVG, taking a 30,000-foot view of your stable and planning breeding accordingly will go a long way in your stables’ long-term success. 

“One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen new stables make is buying a colt and filly, with plans to breed them together, only to later realize that they are not the same archetype and/or come from the same sire, and thus would result in inbreeding, which you are penalized for in the game,” GVG says. 

“My advice would be to research the different archetypes, pay attention to the population of each and commit to the one that you think fits your goals. Having a streamlined plan from day 1 goes a long way in this game; identify your niche and go for it!”

Always Be Ready to Pivot

#Eddie#4624 (Pocono Stables)

Developing a great game is tough, but building one in Web3 is even tougher. With that in mind, Eddie, owner of Pocono Stables, reminds newcomers it’s always important to not dedicate an entire stable based on one strategy or thought process. Instead, stay light on your feet and be ready to pivot when new updates or meta arise.

“Always remember that any data that you gather to shape and mold decisions to buy a specific horse can change,” Eddie says.

“The game is constantly changing and you need to be prepared to pivot any given notice.”

Understanding Horse Preferences and Breeding Dynamics

Anonatredies#1793 (Tombstone Stables)

Scuba Steve#8459 (ScubaDoobie Stables) 

Mike Sowers (Anonatredies) says he wished he would have known the exact number of horses in each preference, so he decided to put in the work to create a spreadsheet that aimed to provide that for the community as a whole.

“I designed a spreadsheet that can help you see the dynamics of colts/fillies, the number of other horses in your preferences and grades, and more,” Sowers says. 

“I hope it helps you on your journey”

You can find Sowers’ spreadsheet here.

Similarly to what Sower shares, Scuba Steve Stables

“Main thing I would have liked to understand better is preference matches and how they work and what they mean long term for breeding.” Scuba Steve says.

Networking and Community Involvement

 MO#3821 (Big Foot Stables)

When asked what he wishes he was told about PFL from the jump, Mo Knowz – Photo Finish™ LIVE’s race caller extraordinaire and multi-talented content creator – emphasizes the importance of networking and community engagement. 

“Network. Network. Network!,” Mo says. 

“Join the Photo Finish™ LIVE Discord channel, get involved with the community, and learn as much as you can before making your first purchase.

Mo makes it clear you can learn from experienced players, seek advice, and expand your knowledge base by embedding yourself in the community from Day 1, and not utilizing the free tool that is the PFL community is putting you at a disadvantage. 

Blueprinting Your Strategies

Lacy#5633 (Valkyrie Racing)

Lacy, the owner of Glue Racing, joined Photo Finish™ in early 2023 and quickly gained the community’s respect by building her stable in a methodical and calculated fashion.

“I wish I’d known all the different strategies I was going to have to develop. From breeding to racing to the $CROWN token, it’s like building a house, you need a blueprint,” Lacy says “

“Sit down ahead of time and map out all your strategies, ask questions, and find the holes in your knowledge you didn’t know you had.” 

Don’t Put The Cart in Front of the Horse: Read the Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE

DavidHRC #2778 

If you’re new to Photo Finish™, chances are you’ve encountered the Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE, a handy-dandy onboarding words walkthrough put together by one of our most plugged-in community members, David HRC. 

If it wasn’t obvious already, when asked what his key advice to a newcomer would be, DavidHRC simply replied: “Read my guide.”

Listen to the man! You can find what has been referred to as the PFL Bible here

Have Fun and Make Connections

Wolaf#1750 (Wolaf Farms)

Having been a longtime player of prior horse racing games Third Time Games has released, Wolaf Farms is a player that pre-dates Photo Finish™ LIVE itself. With that in mind, he stresses that one should remember that any game is ultimately a game and that the importance of enjoying the experience while engaging with the community and establishing connections. 

“My advice – have fun,” Wolaf says. “This is a game where you can, hopefully, make money, but it’s still a game.” 

“Becoming part of the community and making connections is key.”

By incorporating the wisdom shared here by our seasoned players, we hope you’re now better equipped, informed, and well-prepared to not only build a successful Photo Finish™ stable but to have as much fun as possible in the process.

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