The Weekender: Season 2 Extended, $CROWN News, and Mo Knowz Third Time Thursday


What’s Inside

  • Season 2 Extended: May 29 new end date
  • $CROWN Whitepaper
  • $CROWN: Now listed on CoinGecko
  • PressRow Pod: CEO and Founder Ian Cummings shares his professional journey
  • WWYD: 11 Photo Finish™ players provide their #1 tips
  • Third Time Thursday: Mo Knowz vs. Mo Does Not Know

Season Extended

The inaugural Photo Finish™ LIVE season has been extended ONE WEEK. The season now ends at 10:00 am ET on May 29.

Additionally, the Season 3 (May 29 – June 26) “Breeding Window” has been moved to the final week of the season (June 19-25).

Get the full details outlined by CEO and Founder Ian Cummings in the community blog.

$CROWN Whitepaper Dropped

By now, longtime players of Photo Finish™ are likely across the granular details that make the $CROWN token so unique and such a vital part of the game’s ecosystem. What’s most important now is Third Time Games lets everyone know what makes $CROWN tick and why it’s so special.

Annnnd — that’s what whitepapers are for. So we did that. Now, anyone can easily get up to speed on the best token in all of Web3 gaming.

$CROWN listed of CoinGecko

We did it! 

Thanks to the Photo Finish™ community for your support in helping Third Time Games get the Photo Finish™ CROWN token listed on CoinGecko! 

The $CROWN token is now more available than ever, to anyone. Tell a meme coin-obsessed friend about a token with actual utility!

Press Row Podcast

Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings recently appeared on the PressRow podcast to take a step back and reflect on his journey from Creative Director at Madden to the founder of the company that created Photo Finish™.

If you’re a fan of the journey just as much as you are the destination, this is a listen for you. 

WWYD: Photo Finish™ Players Provide #1 Tip to Newcomers

What happens when you ask 11 of Photo Finish™’s top stables what they wished they knew on Day 1? You get some savvy veteran advice that will expedite any newcomer’s journey from figuring it all out to being successful.

If you’re new – or even just want to hear the advice the game’s top stables have about being successful – give this recent community blog a read. 

Third Time Thursdays with Mo Knowz

If it’s Thursday, it’s a Third Time Thursday! Once again hosted by Mo Knowz, this week’s episode features an up-and-coming new community member and content creator, the most knowledgeable community member Photo Finish™ has to offer, and, of course, a familiar face from the Third Time team.

Come for the Third Time Thursday races, and stay for Mo Knowz screaming into the void when he loses out on the Finest Filly!

Catch this week’s episode featuring Brody, David, and Fib!

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