Stable Spotlight: Bourbon Stables Shares Their Early Impressions of Photo Finish™ LIVE


Half the fun of playing Photo Finish™ LIVE is the comradery formed between players as they work to discover what’s best for their stables. On a daily basis, both new and seasoned veterans of the game can be found in conversations in Discord discussing strategy and their recent experiences on the tracks.

Every stable has a story, and in sharing their stories they shape the paths of others.

This week we caught up with Bourbon Racing, an up-and-coming Photo Finish™ stable that was kind enough to share their experiences, strategies, and insights into how they’ve found their way less than a month into the game, and what they’d tell a new player that’s joining the game today.

New as Bourbon Stables may be, it’s never too early to share what you’ve learned playing Photo Finish™.

Photo Finish™: What’s your stable name and how long have you been playing Photo Finish™?

Bourbon: My stable name is Bourbon Racing. I’m pretty new to Photo Finish™ —  been playing for about three weeks now — but I’ve enjoyed the game thus far!

PF: Do you have any IRL connections to horse racing? 

Bourbon: Passively, yes. I’m from Kentucky and I’ve been going to the track since I was a kid.

Obviously, being from Kentucky and going to track will give you at least a passive interest in the sport. 

PF: How did you discover Photo Finish™ LIVE, and what made you interested in trying it out?

Bourbon: I discovered Photo Finish™ LIVE through AaronDegods, [one of the leaders of the DeGods Photo Finish™ syndicate DeStables]. I saw him talking about it a few times and had an interest in checking it out. 

I had an interest in digital horse racing before, but when I saw the partnership between the Churchill Downs and Photo Finish™ LIVE, and later saw it on TV [on NBC during the Kentucky Derby], I was convinced I needed to give the game a try. 

PF: We noticed you recently notched your first win – Are there any strategies or techniques you’ve discovered that give you an edge in the game? Any tips for new players?

Bourbon: Overall I would say the best strategy a new stable can lead with would be to dive deep into a horse’s preferences and enter them in varying-length maiden races until they find their strength. 

Experimenting with different race lengths can help you understand your horse’s abilities better and improve your chances of winning.

PF: With breeding on the horizon, what is your stable’s game plan moving forward to build on the early success you’ve had?

Bourbon: Currently, my stables game plan is to wait and see how the stud market pricing settles out.

Once we have a clearer picture, I’ll decide whether to breed with a colt from my stable or find a suitable stud from the market. 

PF: What has been your initial impression of Photo Finish™, and what makes you most excited for the future of the game?

Bourbon: My initial impression of Photo Finish™ has been really positive. I’m enjoying the game and the game theory behind it. 

The concept of digital horse racing and the potential for further developments and features makes me most excited about the future of the game. I can’t wait to see what else the team has in store for us players.

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