The Weekender: Third Time Derby Chase, Crown Prep Registration, Twitter Spaces


Welcome, welcome, Photo Finish™ LIVE nation, to the Weekender — your one-stop shop covering everything you need to know about this weekend’s biggest races, events, and news.

Things have been newsy lately, as PFL continues to gain steam in the New Year with both new users and our veterans as the game approaches the moments we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s all gas and no breaks as we head into another big race Saturday, so without further ado, let’s launch into what’s planned for this weekend!

Third Time Derby Leaderboard

After last week’s wild Third Time Derby finish, you just knew the chase to clinch a Top 20 spot and a subsequent ticket into this week’s big race would be bananas.

Judging by this week’s leaderboard there will be multiple stables punching more than one horse in the biggest race of the week. That is unless your stable has something to say about things. There is still time to shoot up the leaderboard and into the race that will have everyone talking on Saturday night.

For a full breakdown of the Third Time Derby and to view the leaderboard, click here.

Crown Prep Sprint Series Schedule

If you’re looking to get your best racehorses and your stable on the Photo Finish™ LIVE marquee, Saturday night’s Crown Prep Series is your ticket to stardom.  What better time than the present to test your best against the rest in the PFL season-ending showcase?

Below you’ll find links, distances, directions, and the surfaces for each of this week’s 12 Crown Prep tilts. Registration opens Friday afternoon!

Race Distance Direction Surface
Race 1 5 Furlongs Right Dirt
Race 2 8 Furlongs Right Turf
Race 3 11 Furlongs Left Dirt
Race 4 4 Furlongs Left Turf
Race 5 7 Furlongs Right Dirt
Race 6 10 Furlongs Right Turf
Race 7 6 Furlongs Left Dirt
Race 8 9 Furlongs Left Turf
Race 9 12 Furlongs Right Dirt
Race 10 5 Furlongs Right Turf
Race 11 8 Furlongs Left Dirt
Race 12 11 Furlongs Left Turf

The Suites Twitter Spaces

Are you first and foremost here for virtual horse racing? Of course, you are, but it never hurts to keep your head on a swivel when it comes to what else Third Time Games has coming down the pike.

On Friday, January 20 at 8:00 p.m., The Suites team will host a Twitter Spaces. If you’re interested in what else the people that brought you Photo Finish™ LIVE have cookin’, you won’t want to miss it. You never know what might be revealed.

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