Crown Prep Weekly: Third Time Derby Drama, Crown Prep Scorecard, Something Special


If you spent the better part of 2022 picturing what the future of Photo Finish™ LIVE might look like, this past weekend’s tilt of season-ending races might be the best clue yet that things are about to get real on the racetracks.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Check the tape. Season 11 was an undeniable banger filled with the best competition from the best racehorses PFL has ever seen.

Below, we’ve got a recap of all of last weekend’s PFL big race action packaged and delivered straight to your door faster than you can say Alexa, who won the Third Time Derby?

Let’s get to the unboxing.

Third Time Derby Results

Champion: Grenache’s Dancer | Pocono & GvT Racing

What. A. Finish.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the biggest race on the platform comes down to the wire in a battle between three racehorses representing two of the game’s biggest stables.

Shoutout to Wolaf The Bandito for snagging the rest of the real estate on this week’s Third Time Derby podium.

ICYMI, fix that, ASAP.

Crown Prep Sprint Series Results Scorecard

The Crown Prep series is the best way to showcase your best Photo Finish™ LIVE racehorses, and with that in mind, we’re doing our best to make each weekend’s results easy to reference and decipher. 

Whether you’re in the market to purchase the next champion, looking for a specific breeding partner, trying to track racing trends, or want to see what the competition is up to, we’ve got you covered. 

Below are this past weekend’s Crown Prep results: 

Race Win | Place | Show Age Gender Stable
1 Callo 2 Colt Golden Stables
Dark Necessities 3 Filly Wolaf The Bandito
Pr0metheus 3 Colt Ba11thazar Mangers
2 Porsche Boom 6 Stallion Valley Happy
Better Ons 2 Colt GvT Wimbledon Turf
Blood Mist 3 Colt BigBrainStables RT
3 Caviar Ish 2 Colt Solanaut Stables
Malew 3 Filly YSM Racing Club
Colby 2 Filly YSM Racing Club
4 Kynuria’s Ash 3 Filly Pocono & GvT Racing
Straight outta Money 2 Filly DeStables
Karema 2 Filly Pocono & GvT Racing
5 Queen V1ctoria 2 Filly Ba11thazar Mangers
Playmaker 2 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Makybe Alinghi 6 Stallion Solanaut Stables
6 Alfa Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy
Serena’s Gift 4 Mare GvT Wimbledon Turf
Makybe Yieldalot 2 Filly Solanaut Stables
7 Rammstein 4 Stallion Pocono & GvT Racing
Mefisto 2 Colt BigBrainStables L
Sound 2 Filly YSM Racing Club
8 Galibière’s Mystery 5 Mare Pocono & GvT Racing
Mister Dixie 4 Stallion DeStables
Harold Berman 2 Colt Mario Jane Racing
9 Strangely Sweet 2 Colt Grape Syndicate
Diamond In The Rough 2 Filly SOLmate Stables
Atillas Slop 4 Stallion Big Brain Stables RD
10 Megatron 6 Stallion Wolaf The Bandito
Makybe Zipping 5 Stallion Solanaut Stables
Makybe Zipping 5 Stallion Solanaut Stables
11 Lonan 2 Filly YSM Racing Club
Muddy Shoe 2 Colt DeStables
Greeba 2 Filly YSM Racing Club
12 Gisela 5 Mare BigBrainStables L
Rombauer 4 Mare Pocono & GvT Racing
Land Rover’s Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy

Something Special 

If you’ve followed Third Time games long enough, you know that between The Suites and Photo Finish™ LIVE there is now the foundation for extraordinary things in 2023.

In the coming days, we’ll be introducing another piece of the puzzle.

Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss what’s next.

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