Crown Prep Weekly: Waterloo Sunset, Sprint Series Scorecard, Real Money Racing


Let’s run it back! 

Just as Saturdays at Photo Finish™ LIVE are dedicated to the platform’s biggest season-ending races, Mondays represent a fresh start on the track. 

That being said, the first step in moving forward is to check the rearview mirror. In PFL language, that means reviewing what took place last weekend so your stable can gain an edge next weekend. 

Let’s review the weekend that was at PFL.

Third Time Derby Champion: Waterloo Sunset | SecretariYat Stables

The biggest race of the week featuring the Top 20 Photo Finish™ LIVE racehorses delivered on the hype, with a spread-out final turn that didn’t include this week’s winner, Waterloo Sunset, near the front.

But as they say — It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and Waterloo Sunset struck lightning down the final stretch to take home the elusive Third Derby title.

Congrats, SecretariYat Stables!

Crown Prep  Sprint Series Results 

It wouldn’t be a Saturday at the races without the top stables taking their shots at the Crown Prep Sprint Series crown.

Below you’ll find your weekly Crown Prep scorecard, this week complete with a column dedicated to each horse’s gender, just in case you’re looking for a breeding barn partner with a tendency for success.

Race Position Horse Age Gender Stable
1 WIN Callo 3 Colt ColtBenito
PLACE Riklaus Redefus 2 Colt Big Brain Stables RD
SHOW Leon1das 2 Colt Ba11thazar Mangers
2 WIN 3 Colt Golden Stables
PLACE Supernova 2 Filly OEB(Racing&Breeding)
SHOW Makybe Scuba 2 Colt Solanaut Stables
3 WIN Bad Books 4 Stallion Wolaf The Bandito
PLACE Malice at the Palace 3 Filly 7th Ward
SHOW Lucy Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy
4 WIN Kosta Browne 2 Filly Pocono & GvT Racing
PLACE Cheesy Marinade1-3 2 Colt Elder Racing
SHOW Hyundai’s Boom 4 Stallion Valley Happy
5 WIN Filly McHorse 2 Filly McHorse
PLACE Rowdy Jaco 2 Filly La Playa Farms
SHOW Makybe Lolli 8 Stallion Solanaut Stables
6 WIN Pastures 3 Filly Solanaut Stables
PLACE Makybe Rugged 2 Colt Solanaut Stables
SHOW Makybe Rugged 2 Colt Solanaut Stables
7 WIN Neighr0 2 Colt Ba11thazar Mangers
PLACE California Love 2 Colt SoCal Stables
SHOW Going Soft 2 Filly Wolaf The Bandito
8 WIN X3rxes 3 Colt Ba11thazar Mangers
PLACE Mr. Anderson 3 Colt Rinsed Out Racing
SHOW BentRover Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy
9 WIN Queen V1ctoria 3 Filly Ba11thazar Mangers
PLACE Luta with Rings 2 Filly Big Brain Stables RD
SHOW Queso Secreto 4 Stallion Golden Stables
10 WIN Makybe Zipping 6 Stallion Solanaut Stables
PLACE McPherson 4 Stallion Miami Nation RT
SHOW McPherson 4 Stallion Miami Nation RT
11 WIN Fynoderee 2 Colt YSM Racing Club
PLACE Up All Night 2 Filly Poverty Ranch
SHOW John Montagu 6 Stallion DROP STABLE
12 WIN Rombauer 5 Mare Pocono & GvT Racing
PLACE Apaapaa’s Ass 4 Stallion Pocono & GvT Racing
SHOW Ruby Beast 3 Colt BigBrainStables RT

Real Money Tests Underway

Heads up, jockeys — we’re out here racing for keeps!

As promised when Beta V2 was announced, PFL will eventually progress into a stage of the full launch. That, of course, includes real money racing. As many of you may have already noticed, we’re now conducting periodic tests — currently, at least once a day — on real money racing.

Real money just hits differently, doesn’t it?

Want to join the fun?

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