The Degen Derby | One For The History Books!


It was a night for the ages

Black Friday, November 25th 2022

Twenty of the top A-rated horses within Photo Finish™ LIVE found their way onto the hallowed grounds and raced for a $10,000 purse. A controversial figure – East Coast Stables – came away with the victory as his horse Dirty Water Dog rocketed down the stretch with a late surge, edging out Degen Kingdom from the Knights of Degen at the wire. t00b tester from the y00ts team rounded out the podium with an extremely solid performance against the stacked field.

This showcase race is our first of many – a livestream where the community, game’s creators, and any number of special guests can watch some top-tier virtual racing live, sip on a mint julep or two, and have a great time!

Many thanks to all the participants and communities – we can’t wait to do it again soon!

Transparency on Race Results

After the race, an allegation was made by an owner of a losing horse that the results of our Degen Derby were “rigged”. We take an allegation like this extremely seriously, as the trust between ourselves and our community is paramount to the game continuing to grow unabated. Our race simulation algorithm exists entirely on a secure server with limited internal access, and it should be stated that MILLIONS of races have been simulated via our algorithm dating back to our Horse Racing Manager mobile game. We can 1000% assure you that after a multiple team-member audit, nothing at all was out of the ordinary and all races were simulated in the exact same way they’ve always been simulated.

We realize that as our game grows, there will always be voices out there that cry foul when results don’t come their way. This is the nature of the business. Along with this, as all of us have seen in the crypto space, a single hack or security hole can send everyone’s bags immediately to zero.

In order to continue to build and guarantee safety of our players, for months we have been working with external security firms on audits, penetration testing, and more. We also have external certifications on the fairness of our random number generator in progress. All of these things will be complete, transparent, and shown front and center on our website before our platform goes live. It is our ultimate goal that players can verify every result, always view treasury collateral backing, and more. We plan to lead the way in transparency and security when it comes to crypto-based games.

It’s worth re-iterating that all Third Time employees and contractors have signed agreements preventing them from participating within the racing ecosystem, and we have strict and stringent role-based permissions to who even have access to various parts of our code base and server logic.

We may not always be perfect, but no one cares more about creating a safe and secure racing environment than the team here Third Time. This is not our first rodeo, we have been making industry leading and secure software for decades.

With that all being said, we also take baseless accusations against us very seriously, and will not hesitate to pursue action against any and all false libelous or slanderous statements that can damage our game, brand, and company.

We’ll make sure we continue to share the results here and on the front page of the game site as the audits and certifications are completed.

See you on the track!

Ian Cummings
Founder / CEO

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