Season 3 Breeding Report

Welcome to the Season 3 Breeding Report, a high-level overview of the first-ever Photo Finish™ LIVE breeding season.  Future breeding windows will always bring excitement, but there will forever be something inherently special about the first-ever opportunity players had to bring new foals into the game. Ahead of preparations being made for Season 4’s breeding […]

PFL Inside Track – Part 2 – Gen 0 Traits

Welcome, managers, to Part 2 of the ticket match article. This is your Lead Designer, Paul Nirenberg, here to analyze the effects of matches on V.1 Gen 0. Hold onto your hats, we’re going in! How Did Trait Matches Affect V.1 Gen 0?One goal of the design has always been a step by step transition […]

Photo Finish™ LIVE Beta V2: Big Changes Ahead

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – coming to Photo Finish™ LIVE, November 7!  When we launched Beta back in June, our team knew it was just the tip of the iceberg of what the game would soon become.  Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been working on new and exciting game features that will not only […]

PFL Inside Track – Part 1 – Genes & Matches

Hello Managers, it’s time for a post from your Lead Designer, Paul N. This one is hefty, enough that we’re splitting it into three parts. Please apply your thinking caps. It’s POST TIME!

Degen Derby Central Scouting – Week 2

Back by popular demand – it’s the Degen Derby Central Scouting Report!  With the November 25 Degen Derby just weeks away, our scouting department has been working around the clock to provide DAOs a condensed shortlist of the Photo Finish™ LIVE horses best suited for the Black Friday race’s left turn, turf track, firm course, and […]