Suites Odyssey pt. 4

The saga continues…

Fib Newton… come in Fib…. It’s time to wake up…

*CRYOGENESIS deactivated…. Vitals returning to normal…*

“Woah… was that a dream… … or is STAKING actually LIVE?! Computer – have I been stacking it up?”

Running assessment…. Stack height increasing *🥞 🥞 🥞*, stacking it up status: confirmed.

“Oh my STARS … It’s begun!”

Oh yes, stack it UP baby

Yes, we’re back brothers and sisters, the navigator tells us it’s only been a week… could that be true?!

Let’s check our position…


The indicators show us approaching an unknown planetary sized mass… What mysteries could it hold? What new discoveries await?

Wait… we’re receiving an incoming transmission…

“… greetings Suitizen… We’ve been waiting for your arrival, and we have a proposition for you…”

Wow a proposition? But we don’t know anything about you… it’s amazing you’re even communicating in our language… aren’t you going to turn your camera on??

“… Negative, we got super wasted last night – it was nutty… we are nearly incapacitated, and besides, we wouldn’t want you to see us like this…”

Dude… that’s like, fairly unprofessional.

“Nevertheless, you will HEAR OUR PROPOSITION, we have limited time to communicate… our heads… ughhhh

We know of your project… it is truly one of the most PROMISING, WELL POSITIONED bets in web 3… we feel it will redefine sports fandom and onboard billions of users… it’s programmed, you see…

Therefore we propose this: That you let us party in your Suites for ONE WEEK… you set… the price… ughhhh the capital letter emphasis you Suitizens employ is making us queasy…”

Wait… are you saying… you want to RENT a Suite?!

“..a-affirmative… although we are pretty wrecked right now, our kind tends to rally in the evenings… this is basically an everyday thing… and your Suites… are a truly magnificent venue… ”

Technology acquired: RENT YOUR SUITES


Yes, we have acquired the Rental feature! Suitizens may now choose to rent out their Suites to interested parties at the rate/duration of their choosing!

How does it work you ask?


Due to the power of smart contracts, this exciting new feature allows holders to bestow access to the Suites THEY OWN for a limited period of time in exchange for SOL (and perhaps other currencies in the future!) – however, Suites must be UNSTAKED to be put on the rental market.

What this means is that the number of potential Suite owners just became EXPONENTIAL… all without increasing the supply of our collection!

Yes friends, this new and POWERFUL feature, alongside the introduction of our $SUITE token are setting the stage for TOTAL galactic conquest, the scale of which is UNIMAGINABLE!!

For every feature added to our Suites, the rental proposition increases in its utility. When we are at FULL POWER… Well, we believe that this feature will be a VERY INTERESTING tool for our holders – especially those looking to maintain exposure to the project but have limited time to utilize the Suites themselves.

Look no further than the real life equivalent to our Suites… Rental is INHERENT to the medium!

Ah yes, everything is going according to plan

Yes, yes… we’re beginning to understand.

Our features are being POISED, readied… setting the stage for what is YET TO COME. With each milestone we are granted a new power, a new ELEMENT to our GRAND DESIGN!!!

Upon this reflection, we look ahead… gazing out into the mysterious beauty of the FUTURE, OUR FUTURE…

There is still so much to uncover – so much to build… But where is it all headed? What lies in wait around the galactic corner?

“Computer, set destination to the next gravitational center… warp speed.”


-Fib Newton, CM

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