We’re stepping through the door~

*queue StarWars scroll*

We CONTINUE our journey across the strange time and space fluctuations of the NFT universe, amidst YET ANOTHER turbulent downturn for crypto – and yet… we find ourselves on the CUSP of numerous catalysts aboard The Suites project vessel.

Armed with new wisdom from lessons learned throughout the past year we CONTINUE on our renewed quest to deliver MAXIMUM VALUE to our holders while ushering in a new age of sports fandom across the galaxy… 

On every voyage one must have some form of navigation… a map? Perhaps a roadmap?

Ah yes, let’s take a look at our very own guidebook, The Suites Roadmap!

That whole ‘ETH Mint’ thing is still up for debate.

So what do we have here? An important element which we will be focusing on today – that big chunk right there in the middle – VIP AVATARS.

Where do they fit into The Suites? How do they impact our project’s trajectory? Most importantly – how are they CHANGING THE GAME, setting us up for a MASSIVE WIN in our target markets?


There is a HUGE GAP we’re looking to fill with these avatars – one that we are uniquely positioned to fill with our vast collective experience in sports/game development. In fact, we believe that by filling this gap the metaverse as we all know it will never be the same! 

This gap is one created by a few big factors in the NFT and metaverse spaces – So let’s start by discussing the issue of the fragmentation which is rampant in the user experience of most NFT projects with various utilities- especially those with metaverses attached to them.

Have you ever browsed twitter and seen a PFP project (profile picture for the uninitiated, think Bored Apes-style NFT collection) that has been translated haphazardly into a 3d space? And to what end? Honestly, even having a 3d rendering of a PFP is further along than most projects end up – true utility is TRULY hard to find.

Can’t wait to explore the metaverse!

For instance, there is a distinct fracture between your Bored Ape, how it appears AND interacts with your web browser versus in its metaverse (in this example that would be Yuga’s Otherside). Do your interactions reflect in the NFT itself? Its metadata? 

There are plenty of other examples of this, and beyond this issue of fragmentation there is also a question which seems to sit unanswered throughout the ENTIRE space – who wants to hang out in the metaverse with an avatar that is PURELY cosmetic? Do the “traits” the 2d PFP possesses mean anything in that world? What would you DO in there if they did?

A challenger approaches…

Now ask yourself… what would a fully integrated, bottom-up design and implementation LOOK like for an NFT avatar project – one made by a bunch of video game developers perhaps? That’s a great question, the RIGHT question one might say…

However we won’t be answering that question just yet, so we’ll just let that simmer…

What we CAN say is that you can count on our avatars being of a quality and purpose not yet seen in any NFT project OR metaverse- with such a vast potential in their design that we’re kind of LOSING OUR MINDS OVER HERE-


Okay we’re back.

So If you recall from pt.1 of the series, we’ve learned a WHOLE LOT over the course of the last 8 months and if you DON’T recall, well… we wouldn’t really be surprised because…

In NFTs (and crypto) attention spans are SHORT.

So how are we putting that wisdom to use?

Well, our avatars will not only be a major development landmark for The Suites, but are also an opportunity for us to YANK the spotlight back onto ourselves and KEEP IT THERE!

Trust us when we say that these avatars are going to speak for themselves. They’ll be Suites-marketing JET FUEL. However, we’re still going to be doing a little talking on their behalf – make no mistake…

We are here to change the game, not only that but to make all this metaverse stuff 10000x more fun – to make it MAKE SENSE in a way that it simply HASN’T yet.

To plug our unique experience in sports video game development deep within web 3 and make something NOBODY else can!

…and so we go forth! Our voyage will be a perilous one in these ROUGH MARKET CONDITIONS, BOTTOMED OUT METAVERSE NARRATIVE and DREADFUL MACROECONOMY…
But nevertheless we ceaselessly continue our tread at the absolute FRONTIER of the MOST PROMISING convergent market territories between the world of web 3, sports and gaming…

And when the smoke clears, my friends, we will be the ones with our FLAG IN THE DIRT.

See you in part 3.

-Fib Newton, Community Manager

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