Introducing: The DEGEN DERBY

All your dumb friends will be there

Some of the top DAO’s already have their horses ready – will your favorite DAO be able to gain entry?

AT LONG LAST we’re ready to announce our next BIG OCCASION – the Degen Derby, a high stakes horse racing event for all of you beautiful, degenerate gamblers out there who’ve grown oh-so-bored in the pitter patter of this market.

The structure of this event is sure to make it an absolute CLASSIC, pushing the web 3 gaming space forward by a leap… 

We as developers have been inspired by the initiative taken by DeStables, a DAO within the DeGods community dedicated to DOMINANCE in the Photo Finish ™ LIVE ecosystem. We see community participation at this level as a HUGE asset in a player driven economic environment like ours- and we think an event like the Degen Derby is the PERFECT fuel to add to that fire.

How will it work? Participating DAOs will compete for the podium atop horses they acquire using their own resources!

ALSO, we’re extremely excited to share that WAGERING will be available on our platform for the Degen Derby, meaning YOU can place bets on the event this time around! As a result, it will be important to PAY ATTENTION to which horses are being chosen by each DAO!

Show me the VISION 

Imagine all the insanity of a Kentucky Derby – except instead of Prince William and Drake in the crowd it’s a bunch of apes, dragons, bears, gods (both living and dead) – all losing their minds over hitting (or missing) their sweet, sweet exactas. Nice.

Broadcast across the internet, so that those whose eyeballs dare gaze upon such unprecedented an occasion have no choice but to be intrigued, converted!

An event to muster up the excitement and PROMISE of the frontier space that is web 3 gaming, something we can all be proud to take part in as a community of a certain non-risk averse persuasion, and centered around one of the most COMPLETE and HIGH QUALITY products this space has EVER seen, Photo Finish LIVE.

Bottom line? Photo Finish™ LIVE is where web 3 comes to bet on the ponies.

So suit up, tighten those bowties, set hats askew… and get ready for the next BIG OCCASION, an unprecedented push forward for web 3 gaming, the main line. When you’re leading the charge at the frontier of an entire industry, every step is history being written.

It just is what it is.

We look forward to sharing more with you about the Degen Derby in the coming weeks.

-Fib Newton, CM

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