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Staking PFPs for $CROWN

There are 15,008 Photo Finish NFTs (often referred to as PFPs) seen here that started the entire Photo Finish Live ecosystem.

They are on the Solana blockchain, and their original use case was to breed the Generation 0 racehorses that could actually race. They can no longer be bred but still have amazing utility:

  1. You can stake the NFTs for $CROWN, the utility token of the ecosystem that can subsequently be staked on the game’s race tracks for a percentage of their revenue. How much CROWN each NFT receives depends on its rarity, but it’s around 4–19 CROWN per day until April of 2025. 125m of the 250m total $CROWN that will ever exist will go to the NFT stakers. We’ll explain $CROWN in-depth later in this guide.
  2. Owning one NFT gives you access to the Photo Finish Jockey Club (PFJC), which is the game’s private club or DAO that collectively manages over 5 million $CROWN to own real-life race horses.
  3. Owning five of the NFTs gets you free racing reports in the game.
  4. Owning twenty NFTs gives you free breeding reports in the game, which are extremely valuable.
  5. Owning twenty NFTs gives you access to the exclusive Executive Club.

How To Buy and Stake Photo Finish Live NFTs

Step 1 — You’ll need a Solana wallet, as the PFPs are on the Solana blockchain. We recommend the Phantom wallet (get the browser extension).

If you don’t have any Solana (SOL) crypto, you can buy some directly in the wallet via the “Buy” function or use a large exchange such as Coinbase and then transfer it.

If you’re new to crypto and have no idea what I’m talking about (or have other questions), join the Photo Finish Live Discord chat and ask for help. We got you.

Tip — Each NFT receives a different amount of $CROWN based upon its original rarity. The $CROWN is emitted over 26 four-week seasons. If you don’t stake your NFT, you lose out on the $CROWN, and it goes back into the ecosystem fund for other uses, so get staking!

Step 2— If you want to maximize the amount of $CROWN you can receive, go to this tool, which automatically ranks the best buys based upon the amount of $CROWN they can still receive and their price.

The NFTs ranked first provide their $CROWN at the lowest price per US dollar, meaning they’re the best deals.

The most important columns on that tool are:

You will pay the Price (SOL) in Solana cryptocurrency for the NFT.

USD / $CROWN — this is how much you pay per $CROWN token locked in the NFT. You’ll notice that the lowest price is at the top and gets more expensive as you go down. This is because the tool ranks the NFTs by the best price per $CROWN.

Allocation — This is the amount of $CROWN the NFT was originally allocated, but it’s NOT how much it still has left.

Remaining — THIS is how much $CROWN you’ll receive if you buy and stake the NFT today until $CROWN emissions are done on March 21st, 2025.

Step 3 — Buy the NFT you want using the SOL in your Phantom wallet.

Step 4 — The NFT will now be in your Phantom wallet in the NFT section. Let’s get it staked so you can start earning $CROWN. Go to https://photofinish.live and create an account.

Step 5 — Once you’ve created your account, connect your wallet at the top right of your screen (sometimes you need to refresh to make it work):

Step 6 — Go to the PFPs navigation tab at the left of your screen:

Step 7 — Navigate to the “Staking” tab:

Step 8 — Connect your wallet if it isn’t. You may need to refresh your screen to do so.

Step 9 — You’ll now see your unstaked PFPs on the left side of the screen and any you have staked on the right side. To stake, click on your NFT(s), then select the “Stake” button, and sign the wallet transaction when it pops up.

Step 10 — All your staked PFPs will now be on the right side of the screen, earning CROWN!

TIP — If something goes wrong with the staking process, open a ticket with Photo Finish Live support via the Support tab at the left.

Claiming CROWN

Now that your PFPs are staked, they’ll begin earning CROWN immediately. You can “claim” that CROWN once per day. There are no fees to claim it; it goes directly into your Photo Finish Live CROWN wallet for easy staking, or you can withdraw it to your Phantom Wallet.

As staked CROWN earns an excellent yield as CROWN stakers receive 20% of race track entry fees, most people choose to stake it.

However, the CROWN staking window is only open for the first ten days of the season.

To see where we’re at in the season, go to the “Races” tab at the left:

At the top of the screen, it’ll provide the season’s dates. If it’s within the first ten days, you can stake your CROWN. But first, you must claim it.

Go to the PFP staking page and click on “Claim All” to claim the CROWN your PFPs have emitted thus far:

The CROWN will now be in your in-game wallet as seen at the top of your screen.

Buying CROWN

If you want to buy CROWN on an exchange, you can do so via Jupiter, a Solana decentralized exchange.

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