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Learn about the pieces of the PFL ecosystem.


Photo Finish™ LIVE uses three different currencies, $Derby, $CROWN, and $USDC.


$DERBY is the main racing and breeding currency of Photo Finish™ Live. It is used to enter races, breed horses, and pay most game costs. Race winnings pay out in $DERBY and horses are bought and sold for $DERBY on the marketplace.

$Derby is available for purchase in-game using Phantom, Solflare, or Glow wallets. You can currently purchase with Sol and USDC. More currencies will be available soon.


$Crown is a special currency that exists in a limited supply. Players may use $CROWN for special ownership actions like Track Investments. $CROWN cannot be purchased from within the game.

The primary way to accrue $CROWN is by owning an NFT from the Photo Finish PFP collection. These PFPs yield $CROWN in accordance with their overall collection trait-combination rarity. 50% of the total supply of $CROWN will be distributed to PFP holders in this manner.As a special bonus, we’re giving away $Crown to early adopters helping us improve gameplay and create a rich ecosystem. Every race for the first 13 Seasons comes with free $Crown given to all racers. If you want to get in on this limited supply currency, racing horses might be your key.

You can read more about $CROWN in this fantastic write-up by a community member. https://medium.com/@dewaun/speculating-on-crown-69c7fc63eb46


USDC is digital stablecoin pegged to the United States dollar. Because of its wide acceptance and stable nature,  it is used in Photo Finish™ LIVE to convert in-game winnings to out-of-game utility. Players may exchange $USDC for $DERBY, and vice versa, at the in-game exchange.


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