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$CROWN – Our Cryptocurrency

The utility token of Photo Finish Live traded on exchanges is $CROWN which is on the Solana blockchain.

Obtaining $CROWN 

The three primary ways to obtain $CROWN are by staking the original PFP collection, racing horses, or buying it on an exchange.  

  1. PFP Staking: The original PFP collection seen here has 125m of the 250m total CROWN that will ever exist allocated to it based upon rarity.  When you stake those PFPs, you receive CROWN each day until April of 2025.  To learn more, please see this article or click “next” below.
  1. Racing Horses: Any time you race your horse, you receive a small amount of $CROWN no matter where you place. These are often called “$CROWN Stimmies” and can drastically increase your racing profitability.  $CROWN from the “Ecosystem Fund” is allocated to $CROWN Stimmies and decreases by 10% each season. This will allow for $CROWN Stimmies to be provided for years to come, just at a slowly-decreasing amount.
  1. Buying $CROWN: As $CROWN is a cryptocurrency, it can be purchased on exchanges.  The primary exchange with the most liquidity at present is Jupiter which can be accessed here

$CROWN Utility

The primary utility of $CROWN is that you can stake it on race tracks within the game for a share of their revenue.  When people pay $DERBY to enter a race, 20% of those fees are split proportionally among $CROWN holders staked on race tracks.  You can get a rough estimate of the potential yield from staking $CROWN by using this calculator. To learn how to stake your $CROWN on race tracks, please see this article.

In addition to staking, $CROWN can also be used to “scratch” or withdraw a horse from a race it has been entered it. You pay 50% of the entry fee in $CROWN.  We may add additional utility in the future.

Other Important Information

You can see the $CROWN Whitepaper here.

For a list of notable wallets and other $CROWN data including circulating supply, please see this page.

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