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Staking $CROWN on Racetracks

$CROWN provides an opportunity to own a share of the racetracks within Photo Finish Live. When someone pays $DERBY to enter a race, 20% of that $DERBY is shared proportionally with people who have staked $CROWN on the race track the entire season. To stake your $CROWN and get your share of that yield, do the following:

Step 1 — Go to the “Tracks” tab at the left:

Step 2— Click on “Go to CROWN staking” at the right:

Step 3 — The next screen shows the five race tracks you can stake on. We suggest splitting your CROWN evenly across the race tracks.

Enter the amount of CROWN you want to stake with each track in the corresponding box and then select “Update Stake” at the bottom of the screen:

Congratulations, you are now staked! Each time a race runs, your pending DERBY total will increase based on your share of the total CROWN staked.

You can see that number at the top next to your CROWN total:


At the end of each season, that pending DERBY will be turned into real DERBY you can use in the game or withdraw for USDC.

Tip — You can withdraw your staked CROWN at any time by going to the staking screen and putting a minus sign before the number and updating the stake. HOWEVER, you will not receive the pending DERBY if you do so, so choose wisely.

As always, if you have any questions, join the Photo Finish Live Discord and the community will be happy to help!

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