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Quickstart Guide

What is Photo Finish™ LIVE?

Photo Finish™ Live is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing ecosystem created by Third Time Entertainment. Players can race their NFT horses against other real life owners for real money, breed their horses through a true-to-life genetics system and exchange their horses in a player-driven marketplace.

Horses in Photo Finish ™ LIVE have lifespans, following an in-game calendar where 4 weeks in real life corresponds to one in-game year. Every in-game year a new “season” starts. Each season contains thousands of races for players to participate in – ranging from entry level maiden races to the highest stakes premier graded races. Photo Finish™ LIVE aims to recreate the excitement of real horse racing as it opens up the possibility of ownership and participation in the Sport of Kings to a wider audience.

Using realism as a focal point, Photo Finish™ LIVE seeks to parallel the longevity of the sport itself through its deflationary aging mechanism, allowing renewed opportunities every season for skilled players to prove themselves on the track.

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