Crown Prep Weekly: Wolaf Wins Third Time Derby, Crown Prep Scorecard, Real Money Record


The entire sports world was buzzing this weekend about one massive event, and you can be sure the talking heads will be talking about the finish all day today.

The real question is what they’ll be talking about after they cover the Third Time Derby.

We’re joking, of course. We know they’ll move on to the Crown Prep Sprint Series and everything that went down in the biggest 12 races of the week at PFL.

Sorry, ESPN — scooped! We got it covered here in this week’s Crown Prep Weekly first.

Third Time Derby Champion: Phosphorescent | Wolaf Farms 

This week’s Third Time Derby champion, Phosphorescent, comes courtesy of Wolaf Farms! 

How about a 2 yr old with 9 wins in its first 11 starts taking down the biggest race of them all? That’s a LeBron James-level career arch.

The kids are out here thriving in Photo Finish™ LIVE! 

Crown Prep Sprint Series Scorecard

Our community continues to outdo itself! 

Of the 240 gates available in this week’s 12 Crown Prep races only 9 spaces went unfilled – that’s simply incredible, and a testament to you. 

We have to say, though – getting so close to a 100-percent full Crown Prep weekend has us thirsting for another go at it. We’re already looking forward to what you guys can do next weekend! 

Below is your weekly Crown Prep Sprint Scorecard providing a quick glance at which stables and racehorses stole Saturday’s Crown Prep show. 

Race Winner Age Gender Stable
Race 1 Riklaus Redefus 5 Stallion Big Brain Stables RD
Mondavi 2 Filly Solanaut Stables
Karuk 4 Stallion Miami Nation RD
Race 2 McPherson 7 Stallion Miami Nation RT
Regal Style 2 Colt Wimbledon + GvT Turf
Guerrero 4 Stallion Golden Stables
Race 3 Rolls T0my 2 Filly Ba11thazar Mangers
Ita’s Boom 3 Colt Valley Happy
Bad Books 7 Stallion Wolaf The Bandito
Race 4 Vanessa 2 Colt SOLmate Stables
Pennies from Heaven 3 Filly Pocono & GvT Racing
14 per mystery 2 Colt Pocono & GvT Racing
Race 5 Heaps 3 Colt Solanaut Stables
ChatGPT 2 Filly Elon Stables
Give It Away 2 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Race 6 Sign of the Times 2 Colt Miami Nation RT
Bamba 2 Filly Golden Stables
Cash in the bank 3 Colt Solanaut Stables
Race 7 Goal Twoaie 3 Colt YSM Racing Club
Saddle Talk 2 Filly DeStables
Cronkbourne 2 Filly YSM Racing Club
Race 8 Fresh Fries 7 Stallion SOLmate Stables
Poseiden 2 Colt Pocono & GvT Racing
Jax 2 Filly SOLmate Stables
Race 9 Snowbird 2 Filly La Playa Farms
Sol To Squeeze 2 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Queen V1ctoria 6 Mare Ba11thazar Mangers
Race 10 Ser Cielo 4 Stallion Wimbledon + GvT Turf
Rocket Fuel 4 Stallion Wolaf The Bandito
Ser Cheese 2 Colt Wimbledon + GvT Turf
Race 11 Saturday Wine 4 Stallion Golden Stables
Son of a Gun 5 Stallion Gaucho’s
Zina 2 Filly Golden Stables
Race 12 14 Degrees 3 Colt Pocono & GvT Racing
X3rxes 6 Stallion Ba11thazar Mangers
Going Going Gone 6 Stallion SOLmate St


Real Money Racing Record

Remember when they used to call it “funny money”? Me neither.

The PFL real money racing is becoming increasingly high stakes, as 12 of the best racehorses from the finest stables on the platform threw down on a little pre-Super Bowl fun.

The $120 prize pool was a record for real money testing, with Pocono Stables and Hundred Acre bringing home the first-place prize of $54.

We have a feeling this record will not stand very long, but for now, we’re hyped about it.

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