Crown Prep Weekly: Season 6 Recap


Saturday night’s Crown Prep Sprint Series went off with a bang, as the weekend’s 12-race showcase featured some exhilarating down-to-the-wire finishes that certainly lived up to the Photo Finish™ LIVE name. 

As we will each week in this space, we’ve got you covered from start to finish on the Crown Prep week that was.

Let’s take a look back at which stables spent the weekend riding high on a win, and will spend this week naming Week 7 Crown Prep races.

Filly Tears Sprint Cup (R1) 

5 Furlongs | Right | Dirt

Win: Lucky Lucy | Golden Stables

Place: Zdu | SOLmate Stables

Show: DelPT Half Star | Solanaut Stables

Sometimes, the furlongs are your best friend. With Zdu and DelPT Half Star closing in down the stretch of this week’s Crown Prep Filly Tears Sprint, Lucky Lucy from Golden Stables had to be thanking the horse racing heavens above that this race was just five furlongs in distance. If for one more, Lucy may have not been so lucky.

Sheeesh. What a short-distance sprint to start the weekend series off with a bang.

Chief Little Turtle Memorial (R2) 

5 Furlongs | Right | Turf

Win: Meadows | Solanaut Stables

Place: Hickory Hills | BigBrain Stables

Show: Baja | Miami Nation

In the Chief Little Turtle Memorial, we had a race won by a distance you couldn’t fit a baby turtle into if you tried, featuring Meadows besting Hickory Hills by literal inches for the win.

It was anyone’s race with 100m left, as the entire pack of horses seemed in prime position for a late kick. At one point it seemed as if Baja and Miami Nation would capitalize on a nice turn, but the horse then faded, leaving way for an incredible finish by the top 2.

If that’s how the Crown Prep started this week, we can’t wait to recap how it all ended.

Siggy’s Star Stakes (R3)

5 Furlongs | Right | Dirt

Win: Queen Beach | Grape Syndicate

Place: Scott Street | Hollywoo Stables

Show: ScrappyT-1 | Phog Pharms & Racing

Perlino Smokes Your Grass Stakes (R4)

 5 Furlongs | Left | Turf

Win: Perlino | SOLmate Stables

Place: Oscar Kokoshka | Mario Jane Racing

Show: R0mulus | Ba11thazar Mangers

Wolaf Farms Mile (R5)

8 Furlongs | Right | Dirt

Win: Sour Legend | Hazy Hills Racing

Place: Jimmy Neutron | Wolaf The Bandito

Show: Makybe Lolli | Solanaut Stables

Tony was Ruggedatoni Memorial (R6)

8 Furlongs | Right | Turf

Win: Kratos | Big BrainStables RT

Place: Chur Chimmi | Solanaut Stables

Show: Slop Streak | GvT Wimbeldon Turf

Ghost Turf Miles Championship (R7)

8 Furlongs | Left | Dirt

Win: Marcelo | Golden Stables

Place: Golden Goat Enterance | SOLmate Stables

Show: Painkiller | BigBrainStables L

Nuttin Twice In a Row Challenge (R8)

 8 Furlongs | Left | Turf

Win: Teller Nuttin | Grape Syndicate

Place: Thundercrack | SecretariYat Stables

Show: James Bond | Golden Boot Stables

Challenge accepted!

Teller Nuttin dug down deep and found an extra burst to win The Nuttin Twice in a Row Challenge. That’s a sentence that is completely true.

We just report the news, folks.

Credit to Thundercrack for pushing Teller Nuttin to the limit in a race the winning stallion seemed destined to win. Also, shoutout to all stables that joined for being ballsy enough to accept an invitation to the Nuttin Twice In a Row Challenge.

Fib’s Saturday Detention Stakes (R9)

11 Furlongs | Right | Dirt

Win: Steady Lads | Golden Stables

Place: Slam Dunk | Drynie Park

Show: Night Saturn | Big Brain Stables RD

Ballon Arch Commemoration (R10)

11 Furlongs | Right | Turf

Win: Lady Luck | Miami Nation

Place: Bo Knows | Wolaf The Bandito

Show: Better Than Most | RVA Racing

wen in-house breeding stakes (R11)

11 Furlongs | Left | Dirt

Win: Bride | YSM Racing Club

Place: Community Legend | SoCal Stables

Show: Riversdal | DROP STABLE

SOLsnake Stakes (R12): 11 Furlongs | Left | Turf

Win: Baragsen | Amazigh Stables

Place: Mad Turtle | OEB 

Show: Old Chapps | Steelheart Stables

Fib Joins Saturday at the Races with Mo and VeVe Vault

In addition to all the Crown Prep Sprint Series action that took place this week, Community Manager Fib Newton made a guest appearance with our good friend Mo and VeVe Vault for an in-depth discussion on, amongst other subjects, the future of Photo Finish™ LIVE wagering.

If you missed Fib’s Saturday night sit down, give it a watch!

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